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“The seeds have been planted, now watch them grow.”

This morning I woke up with this message, “The seeds have been planted, now watch them grow.”

I sit here this morning with these words and I smile. As a teacher of soul, I teach my students that our job is to ground the dreams and visions of our soul onto earth. Once manifested the times comes to liberate it, this requires trust and faith.

In the manifestation part of creating we create a foundation in which the creative process can be grounded. We take a vision, concept and/or dream of the soul and we give it shape and form. This creative process is individual but there are key elements that are consistent.

At some point during this creative process there is a time to liberate that which we loved into shape and form. During the liberation process we must release that which has been created, trusting that what has been created will now grow and expand.

I’ve seen it in my own life and the lives of my students, we manifest something amazing but don’t always know how to liberate what we have created.

What was a dance of the heart in the manifesting process becomes a dance of the solar plexus a dance of power, for it’s within the solar plexus that many of the things we create get trapped.

The solar plexus is the power chakra. The power chakra is the dumping grounds for old outdated beliefs and the catching grounds for the dreams and visions of our souls which never get liberated.

To liberate something you must let it go, release it, trusting that the universe will take what has been created in love and grow it so that it can be fully experienced by others.

This morning when I woke up with the words, “The seeds have been planted, now watch them grow” I felt peace within knowing that I have done everything my soul has asked me to do, in regards to inviting people to come to the Rejuvenate Body Mind Spirit Retreat on April 22nd to 26th at the Mago Retreat Center. The seeds have been planted and now I must liberate this dream which I have loved into being and trust that the people who are ready to come to Mago will join us. Yes, they might have to liberate an old outdated belief to do so but they will come because they know that giving themselves the gift of this retreat will help them liberate the dreams of their soul.

Today I ask each one of you to look into your own life. What is your soul asking you to manifest within your life? If you have manifested it are you ready to liberate it and trust the universe will support your dreams?

I know everyone who reads my words has something to liberate, something to let go of, be it an old outdated belief or a dream of their soul.

Today ask yourself what is longing to be liberated by you and then give it to the universe.

May the creative force which resides in each one of us be used to create experiences of love.

Blessings, Katye Anna Teacher of Soul

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