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Learn  How  To Support The Dying And Their Loved Ones

Birthing Into Spirit Program

Birthing into spirit honors while life on earth is ending the journey for the soul continues after physical death. 


Our Birthing into Spirit Doula Program is unique because we base it on the belief that physical death is a natural part of the journey of the incarnated soul. Birthing Into Spirit is a journey we will all take.  Leaving this physical life is something we will all do.  We often don’t have much of a say about when we birth into spirit but we can have a say about how we live until we die.  My doula program is structured around my vision of taking the fear out of dying for both the person birthing into spirit and their family.  We help to bring the subject of death and dying out of the shadows and into the open. 


A Birthing Into Spirit Doula offers non-medical support and care. This program is also for anyone who wants to learn how to hold space for a loved one. Death is not seen as an ending but a continuation of the journey of the soul. Care includes spiritual and emotional care for the incarnated soul.


Birthing into Spirit Doulas walk alongside the person birthing into spirit and their loved ones through the process of dying.  We work in the person’s home as well as Hospices, Hospitals and Care Homes. 


Birthing into Spirit Doulas can help to guide people through the decisions and choices that need to be made. An added bonus of our program is the 110 page Birthing Into Spirit Manual you will receive as a part of this program. We are advocates for the person birthing into spirit. We are also a source of comfort and support for family and friends. 


This program is intended to teach people how to hold space for the person birthing into spirit. Our program is also a journey for you It's a five month journey where you will be encouraged to grow and expand your beliefs about life, death and much more. Consciousness is shifting and the need for birthing into spirit doulas is growing. 



The entire program is structured to give you an opportunity to transform your life while you are learning to hold space for others.


Every class offers our students opportunities to talk about current-day issues around death and dying.  This also helps to develop your active listening skills and pushes you to think outside of the box.  Subjects include, living wills, medical power of attorney, palliative care, hospice care, facing our own death, personal beliefs and imprints about death and dying, assisted dying and euthanasia, having a good death, end of life care, and more. With the exception of the retreat, all classes are held online and recorded. 


Program Begins June 6th 2024

Requirements for the Birthing Into Spirit Certificate Program:


  • Reiki Level One ( This does not have to be completed to begin your training. It is a requirement for certification)

  • Attend zoom classes beginning with our first zoom class on June 6th at 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET

  • Read books, do class assignments and participate in classes. 

  • Complete 3 End of Life Plans. (These End of Life Plans do not have to be with someone who is birthing into spirit.)

  • Do your own End of Life Plan 

  • Do Into the Light Meditation for the class

  • Do one Legacy journal for one person. 

Upon completion of the above requirements, you will receive this certificate. 

For those who want to take training for self growth 

Nothing prepares us to hear that a loved one has a limited amount of time on earth. That said, I believe this program offers information that can help you hold space for your loved one. If you want to take the training but do not want to be certified, you do not have to complete homework. My experience has been people who take this training move to a different level of understanding about death and dying. 



Included in my program are three private 30 minute mentoring sessions Every doula has core strengths that are uniquely theirs. During your private mentoring sessions focus will be placed on helping you zero in on the areas you thrive as well as the areas where a few shifts may be needed.( these mentoring sessions are a value of 300.00) 

Contact Katye Anna today and step onto the path of becoming a Birthing Into Spirit Doula

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Birthing Into Spirit with katye Anna - Katye Anna
Listen to Katye Anna share about her Birthing Into Spirit Guide Program
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