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Katye Anna's Books

This Month's Feature Book 


Angels are here to help us move through both the good times and the difficult times.

Katye Anna, also known as The Angel Lady, shares true stories of angel encounters in this book. She reminds us that, even if we do not see them, angels walk among us here on earth. She demystifies angel encounters and explains the love angels have for us.

You will learn about the energy rays of different angels and how these rays of light can help you and others. You will be surrounded by your very own team of angels as you read this book.

In "Walking With Angels", Katye Anna introduces some of the angels who journey with her. You will meet Archangel Ariel, who brings us the gift of unconditional love, along with Archangels Michael, Daniel, Gabriel, Raphael, Sarah and Metatron. You will also be introduced to the beautiful (but very misunderstood) Angel of Death -- what it is -- and is not.


By the time you finish this book, you will affirm and embrace the fact that, YOU also, walk with angels.

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