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Join Katye Anna for a four week class into the Hall of Records. This will be a tele class and will begin on September 19th 2023 at 8:00 PM EST. 

The Hall of records is on the Akashic Planes of consciousness within God. This is why they are known to many as the Akashic Records. You will learn how to view the screen of life. It is true that souls agree to forget about its past incarnations when starting a new life. All past life information is contained in your soul's book of lives. 


While knowing past life information might be useful our focus for this class is teaching you how to travel to the Akashic planes and connecting with your soul and souls who have made agreements for this life. A core soul agreement is: "I will be what you have asked me to be so you can become who you need to be. May we seek to do this on earth in love."  All souls know we can only succeed together. 


You have questions the screen of life has answers. 

During this 4-week class you will learn how to travel into the records and begin reading about the journey of your soul.

You will be introduced to Jasper. He will be your guide into the Hall of Records.


The Hall of Records contains information about every incarnation your soul has experienced. You will learn what kind of life your soul choose for your incarnation.  We will look into the energies of four core life experiences. They are, Learning Lifetime, Holiday Lifetime, Contribution Lifetime, and Support Lifetime. 

You will also learn about you life lessons and core soul contacts. You will learn about the Energy Bank and more. During this class you will begin to build you soul map. 

Some of the questions we will seek to answer:

  • What are soul contracts and when do they end?

  • Why did your soul choose the souls who were your parents?

  • What are your core life lessons to learn in this lifetime?

  • What is bleed through energy and how is it affecting your life?

  • What are soul qualities and which ones do you currently have access to?

Recommended reading is “Conscious Construction of The Soul”
by Katye Anna

Date: September 19th 2023
Time: 8:00 PM ET
Cost: $100.00 for all four classes. You will receive handouts and all recordings from the class. Including Journey Into The Hall of Records Meditation. 




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