I am passionate about helping people create end of life plans. With an end of life plan in-place families, caregivers and doctors have clear directions as to how people want to live until they birth into spirit. 


A requirement for certification is helping three people create their end of life plan. To help my doulas do this I have created and End of Life Planner. 


You will receive this 110 page downloadable End of Life Planner.

During Your Birthing Into Spirit Doula Training You Will:

  • Learn the role of the Birthing Into Spirit Doula

  • Adapting the doula model of care for end of life

  • Discuss what “birthing into spirit” is.

  • Learn how to help your client create an End of Life Plan

  • How to work with a hospice team and family members.

  • Learn the Five Stages of Grief Developed by Elisabeth Kubler Ross.

  • Examine your beliefs about the afterlife: what is it, where it is.

  • Discuss physical death as a part of the journey of the soul. 

  • Discuss your personal beliefs about physical death.

  • Explore what it means to have a "good death."

  • Exploring the dying process

  • Understand hospice and palliative care.

  • Gathering All the Important Documents. 

  • How to hold space for the person birthing into spirit.

  • Learn how to be comfortable with silence while sitting by the bedside of someone birthing into spirit.  

  • The  importance of self care.

  • Learn how to listen to and honor deathbed visions

  • Learn Active listening skills

  • How to Identify the needs of the dying and family

  • Discuss physical death as a part of the journey of the soul

  • Experience and learn “Letting Go Meditation."

  • Learn the “Into the Light Meditation.”

  • Learn how to connect with the person birthing into spirit via the "Heart to Heart" linkup. This is a special technique taught to Katye Anna over 25 years. 

  • Learn how to use light weaving and energy work to promote relaxation for the person birthing and family.  You will learn a technique to open up the chakras of the person birthing into spirit

  • Learn how to support the family through the process of letting go of their loved one as they move into the light.

  • Explore and expand your own heightened states of consciousness so you can support the heightened state of consciousness of the person birthing into spirit. This includes honoring that the person birthing into spirit is seeing angels and loved ones who have birthed into spirit. 

  • Learn how to support the process of the person birthing into spirit wherever they need to go. 

  • You will learn how to support the family after their loved one has birthed into spirit.  Every family is different.  When someone I love births into spirit I invite friends and family to come and sit by the bedside.  We talk, laugh and cry together. Sometimes I bath the body before calling the undertaker. 









You will receive a copy of this manual 

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