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Book a Relationship Intuitive Reading

with Katye Anna

Every couple can benefit from having an intuitive reading with Katye Anna. The reading will focus on the current energy of your relationship.  With her gifts of seeing the energy of both of you Katye Anna will bring forth information that will help you make a good relationship even better. 


If the relationship is going through challenging times Katye Anna will help bring the issues to the surface.  Removing the bags is not always comfortable but it's much more comfortable than sitting with bags over your head pretending that everything is okay. 


Katye Anna believes at the core of every relationship are soul contracts. This means there is always a divine and holy reason two people find each other and become partners.


As a believer in enchanted love she seeks to bring the magic onto relationships.  She also believes that relationships are not meant to be endurance test. Sometimes we have learned everything we need to learn from a lover. 


During this reading


Katye Anna will “look into” the energy of your current relationship

She will read the energy of your heart cords and chakras

She will look at patterns you each share that might be blocking a deeper connection

She will look at core soul contacts and life lessons that brought you together

She will explore your individual strengths as well as your individual challenges. 

During this intuitive reading time will be allowed for questions. 


During your session Katye Anna will share your couple strengths and how to use this energy to build upon your relationship. 


Book this reading to answer questions about a current relationship.

Your reading will take place via the phone. It will be recorded and sent to you. After you have paid for your Intuitive Reading you will receive and email to schedule your date and time . 



60 minutes: $130.0

Refund policy: Once booked your private session is non-refundable.  You can gift it to someone.  Private session packages are 100% non-refundable after 7 days of first private session. While there are no refunds after 7days I will allow you to transfer sessions to someone else or use them at a later date. Session packages are prorated at 125.00 a session. 


Gifts certificates are not refundable but may be used at any time and are transferable to someone else. 


By continuing with your purchase, you assure us you have read and agree to the information.  

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