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Excerpts From Birthing Into Spirit

There comes a time in everyone’s journey when life on earth comes to an end. The sacred journey of the incarnated soul begins to move its energy and consciousness toward birthing onto spirit.


Embracing that we are incarnated souls gives new meaning to life and to physical death. Being incarnated souls, the dying process need not be feared but embraced as a part of the journey of the soul.


When a child is born others are there to support the process. The needs of the mother and child are watched over carefully by those in attendance. At any time if mother or child is in distress there is help. Midwives are trained, as are those supporting the mother, to help encourage the mother through the process of childbirth. Birthing into spirit guides offer the same support and care for the physical dying process.  Now the focus is on helping the person who is birthing into spirit leave the physical body and people they love.


Birthing into spirit is a conscious dying process. Birthing into spirit honors physical death as the ending of life on earth and embraces that consciousness continues after the death of the physical body.


As the person begins to let go of the physical, he or she embraces the world of spirit in new and wondrous ways. Letting go of the world around them is seen as the natural part of the process of birthing into spirit.


Changes in sight, taste, touch, hearing and intuition are honored.


Understanding these changes are a part of the training for birthing into spirit guides. Families are taught to understand these changes are not because their loved one is losing interest in life but because the world of spirit is calling them home.


Willingness to hear and talk about the experiences as one moves back and forth between heaven and earth is key to holding space for those birthing into spirit. Training for birthing into spirit guides includes talking about death and talking about life. Learning how to hold space for this process is part of the Birthing Into Spirit Program.


Conversations about physical death and heaven are encouraged rather than avoided. Families are giving the opportunity to talk openly and freely as they support their loved one birthing into spirit


Family, friends and caregivers can offer support by telling those who are birthing into spirit to go into the light. The light experienced by those who are birthing into spirit can become all consuming. If the personality has a strong religious connection encourage them to move into the light toward the chosen deity and or family who awaits them on the other side.


My experience has been that those birthing into spirit often look back toward their loved ones they are leaving. Encourage them to continue moving into the light and not to look back.


Birthing into spirit is not a religious experience. Birthing into spirit honors and works with the beliefs of the person who is dying.


Family and loved ones can learn how to hold space for those birthing into spirit by honoring that, although the physical journey is ending, a new journey awaits them.


The light of Creator God pulls those birthing into spirit. When one has fully shed the physical body, there is no death of the spirit. With physical death the spirit, the spark of God which resides in us all is free. Our spirit continues evolving and growing in consciousness in this place many call heaven.


If you are with someone when they have birthed into spirit allow yourself time with the departed loved one’s physical body. Those who have crossed over into the light will often hover around the body they have just left. They are now in their body of light.


They are not limited by time. Let yourself experience the peace in the room. Let yourself be open to the comfort from your own angels and those in spirit form.


The grand cycle of consciousness continues in this place many call heaven, for within Creator God there is only love."


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Birthing Into Spirit
By Katye Anna 
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