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Working With Katye Anna...

...will help you connect to your own soul, angels, and guides and the creative force within you. Her books, classes, retreats, workshops, and private mentoring sessions will show you how to live the life your soul planned for you before you were born. Katye Anna will help you:

• Bring forth the creative expressions of your soul

• Teach you things your tribe didn’t teach you

• Guide, inspire, and encourage you to consciously create your life

• Use The Three Spiritual Keys for Empowered Soulful Living

• inspire you to bring forth the visions and dreams of your soul…and live it!

Whether you are new to discovering that you are an incarnated soul, or you have consciously journeyed for years, Katye Anna will provide you with a wealth of information, guidance, and resources that are beyond your wildest imaginings.


Intuitive Sessions with Katye Anna (click link)



For a complete list of current classes, click here.

Click to play Katye Anna’s Invitation to you. For over twenty years Katye Anna has been sharing her gifts and messages of transformation and empowered soulful living.

Katye Anna's Invitation - Katye Anna

Anna Speaks...

Greetings, we are Anna. We are a group of 976 souls who no longer experience consciousness here on earth. We share the same steady stream of consciousness and collectively we have had thousands of lifetimes on the earth planes of consciousness. 


We come forth now, to teach, encourage and inspire those who hear and read our teachings to create experiences of love. We are not here to blame, shame or tell you what you are doing wrong. Personalities do enough of that themselves. We believe there is value in the opportunity for soul growth in every experience on earth. 

Katye is the spiritual being in whom we communicate through. She is still in physical form, however she has experienced a succession of life body changes that allowed her to meld with us. We share the same stream of consciousness as Katye...

Click to play "Anna Speaks". Anna tells us about who they are and why they have come forth to teach at this time. 

Anna Speaks - Anna
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