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Katye Anna has a BS in Psychology, has been a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher for 25 years.  She was the founder of Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing. She taught along side her husband Allan Clark until he birthed into spirit in 2014.  She is an author of eight books including  "Soul Love Never Ends,"  "Walking with Angels" "Birthing Into Spirit,"Tell Them - Messages from the World of Spirit,"    "Conscious Construction of the Soul"      "The Unraveling,"   and  "The Three Spiritual Keys."  

She is a modern day mystic and Intuitive Reader. She  teaches  and inspires  her students and clients how to live conscious lives of love.


She seeks to help her students and clients live conscious creative lives of love. 

Katye Anna holds an annual transformational retreat at Mago Retreat Center in Sedona AZ. 

26 years ago, she coined the phrase Birthing Into Spirit. During her work at the York House Aids Hospice she witnessed firsthand how physical death was much like childbirth- it was hard work. The death bed visions of the people birthing into spirit confirmed what she already believed about physical death being a part of the journey of the soul.  She is founder and director of Birthing  Into  Spirit Doula Training.

In 1994 she was recognized with an award by Governor Robert P. Casey for her service and dedication to the people of Pennsylvania and the York House Aids Hospice. 

 Her Birthing Into Spirt Doula Program reflects her extensive experience in the field of death and dying. As a mystic she brings a unique perspective and insights about the journey of the soul.

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