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Excerpts From The Unraveling 

"The world is changing with or without you. Bags are being ripped off people's heads one by one. Sometimes it feels we can't keep up with all the shifts and changes. Old outdated paradigms are unraveling. This unraveling will continue until we each take responsibility for our shadow parts. These shadow parts hold the vibration of lack, separation, and issues of safety."


     "As the unraveling continues, you will be confronted with old outdated beliefs surfacing that can no longer exist within you.  This will create confusion and perhaps anxiety for many people.  It is very important that you stay open to love and stay grounded. 

     Currently, old paradigms are breaking down, people are waking up, and they don’t like what has been created while they slept. This is the first step of shifting consciousness --waking up.


     CONGRATULATIONS, you are officially a part of the shift!


The experiences of the world have filtered into your little box. You can no longer ignore the plight of your brothers and sisters. As the unraveling continues, you will begin to understand that freedom and justice for all is what you are also seeking for yourself. 

     We realize the task ahead seems daunting.  We remind you that any step you take to move away from the world built upon fear and separation will begin to tear away at the fabric of your life.  Know that you are not alone in your quest. Your brothers and sisters all across the world are experiencing the shift with you.  Be gentle with yourself and with others. 

     A quantum leap has been experienced seemingly while we slept.  The veil of separateness that has divided us for eons is being ripped away. Separation consciousness is shifting into unity consciousness.

     Ask yourself this: which consciousness do you currently believe in?  If you are still going AGAINST something and seeing the world through “us against them,” you hold a separation consciousness."


"During this time of great shifts, many will not understand what is occurring. As the unraveling continues physical structures will crumble, governments will fall and Mother Earth itself will rumble. Many of you are being challenged. You are confused.

In the first few chapters, we have given you tools to help you move through the times of great shifts. We remind you to stay out of the shadows and fear.  Move through these shifts consciously. 


 Spiritual consciousness and illuminated sight will open you to “seeing” what many are already experiencing. 

     Be bold, brave and courageous as that which has been created in the shadows must be decoded.  

     As you move through these times of great shifts, we remind you that you are not alone.  Trust what you are experiencing. Seek connection with others who have awakened.  Stay out of fear and allow yourself to bring in the light of that which created you.  Embrace spiritual consciousness as the guiding force in your life.   EMBRACE that you are living in the age of Aquarius.  Thus, the path before you is one of LIGHT.

     Remember you come from the Light.

     You are the Light and to the Light you will return."

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