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Through her gift of spiritual sight, Katye Anna specializes in seeing the energy of you. This energy is based on where you have been, where you are and where you can go based on your current state of energy. Without you having to say a word, Katye Anna provides guidance and informationShe helps you understand limiting beliefs and patterns that have been influencing your life and choices.


Katye Anna decodes the energy of you and breaks it down into information that can use to help you heal and transform your life.

Katye Anna shares how she does her

Intuitive Angel Readings .


Change Your Energy Change Your Life


After an intuitive energy reading with Katye Anna you will have the information you need to begin to change the energy of you and your life.


Guided by the world of spirit she receives information, images and pictures in her mind’s eye. Katye Anna sees the most intimate details of your life (past, present, and future), the sources of your joy, heartache and fear. She then uses the information that she sees to help you understand what may be occurring in relationship to challenges, issues, or concerns that you may be having.


With just one session with Katye Anna, her clients gain a fresh new perspective on life, a deeper knowing of the truth of who they are, and newfound wisdom to support them in moving forward in making major life-changing decisions.


Consult with Katye Anna if you are confused, anxious, stressed, or not sure which direction to go; are worried about your career path or your relationship with your partner, or looking to make major life changes.


Katye Anna’s readings are not about predicting the future, but more about giving you clear information that will illuminate the path before you.  


All sessions are done by phone, and are recorded. The session recording will be sent to you via email after the session is over so you may re-listen as you’d like.


Gifts certificates are available upon request. 


30 minute Reading  $80.00






1 Hour Private Reading - $130.00






Coaching Packages 

sessions - $700.00 

12 sessions - $1200.00 




Refund policy: Once booked your private session is non-refundable.  You can gift it to someone.  Private session packages are 100% non-refundable after 7 days of first private session. While there are no refunds after 7days I will allow you to transfer sessions to someone else or use them at a later date. Session packages are prorated at 125.00 a session. 


Gifts certificates are not refundable but may be used at any time and are transferable to someone else. 


By continuing with your purchase, you assure us you have read and agree to the information.  



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