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Chapter Two


Birthing Into Spirit Is A

Journey We Will All Take

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There comes a time when everyone's journey here on earth comes to an end.  From the moment we are born we are moving toward birthing into spirit. The sacred journey of the incarnated soul which began at birth comes to an end with physical death, but it is not the end of the journey.


     The subject of death is one most people will avoid until they are forced to deal with it. How one embraces birthing into spirit is often determined by how one has lived their life. One of my dreams as the teacher of soul is to have the experience of birthing into spirit be an experience that people are comfortable talking about and begin to embrace as a part of the journey of the soul. 


     Many families find it hard to talk about life so talking about death is difficult, if not impossible. This book is written to give people hope, encouragement and a new way to think about life and death.  Embracing that we are incarnated souls, can give new meaning to life.  When we begin to understand that we are incarnated souls, the dying process need not be feared but embraced as a part of the journey of the soul.


     When a child is born others are there to support the process. The needs of the mother and child are watched over carefully by those in attendance.  At any time if mother or child is in distress there is help. Midwives and medical staff are trained, as are those supporting the mother, to help encourage the mother through the process of childbirth.  My vision is that I will create a Birthing Into Spirit Doula Program to teach people how to offer support and care for the dying process.


     Imagine a world where dying is embraced as a part of the journey of the incarnated soul.  Death is not seen as an ending but a continuation of the journey.  Birthing into spirit coaches will be trained to support the process of those who are leaving the physical life and returning to spirit.  As in childbirth when the physical body is in distress help is there to ensure that the birthing into spirit process honors and helps the incarnated soul leaves the physical body with grace.  


     Much work has been done by hospice workers all over the world to give comfort care to those who are dying.  Birthing into spirit doula care includes non-medical care for the incarnated soul whose physical life is ending. Honoring that we are incarnated souls begins to bring into one's life and experiences that the journey of the soul is one which continues after physical.  Birthing into spirit coaches will help the family, medical staff and the one birthing into spirit communicate about all aspects of emotional, spiritual and physical care, including the right to die with dignity in states where it is currently legal.   


     We are excited when a child is born.  In Chapter Five I share how David made a conscious choice to die.  During his birthing into spirit process he shared that if we could see where he was going we would all be excited for him.  The excitement and anticipation felt with the birth of a child can be experienced by those birthing into spirit journey.  David wanted his family to understand how beautiful it was where he was going.  He was ready to leave the physical body which no longer allowed him to do the things he loved.  He told us that no one is really ever ready to let go of those they have loved during life but let go we all must do.  


     David understood that although he was leaving those he loved who still experienced life, thus consciousness on earth, he was moving into the world of spirit.  He knew he would have a grand reunion with those who had birthed into spirit before him because he was seeing them in his dreams. David's message of hope of a beautiful place and loved ones who exists in this place he called heaven gives hope that something awaits us as we let go of the physical body. 


     Letting go of loved ones, relationships, and the physical body is not easy even when one understands that consciousness continues after physical life.  The challenge for those birthing into spirit is about letting go of the physical world and body.   Birthing into spirit coaches will be trained in the process of creating space for those who are birthing into spirit to talk about what they are feeling and seeing.  


     Perhaps for the first time in their life personalities are encouraged to share their feelings.  The process of birthing into spirit offers a pathway for everyone to embrace healing as the personality moves through stages of grief. Birthing into spirit coaches hold space and encourage the expansion of spiritual sight as one lets go of physical consciousness. 

     I had a brother tell me recently he wasn't into death the way I am.  Truth is my life's work has been about life and helping people embrace that we are incarnated souls.  My life's work has focused on helping people live consciously so they can die consciously. The focus of my work has been to help people touch that part of them that is spirit.  Writing this book and offering teachings which help people embrace physical death as a part of the journey of the soul is part of my soul's life plan.  

Birthing Into Spirit
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