The Illuminated Soul 

Join Katye Anna for a Ten-Week Transformational Journey of Soul Discovery & Soul Awakening

The energies of 2020 invites each one of us to fully embody the creative expression of our soul. We are creative beings of pure potentiality.   We are creative, intuitive, joyful beings of love. We were created to thrive - not just survive.

The highest expression of your soul is JOY. 

Everyday we make hundreds of choices. Many of the choices we make are unconscious and driven by old outdated beliefs and patterns. Using the Three Spiritual Keys you will learn to build your life and your choices on, Love, Personal Responsibility, and Divine Collaboration, which opens  the illuminated pathway to JOY.   

Your soul seeks to express itself through you. 


Truth is many people have little understanding about what the soul is much less how to tap into and know the longings of soul.  


Soul speaks to us in many ways. Throughout our lives we receive guidance and direction from our soul. The guidance of our soul is clear and direct.  Our souls seek to create experience of love. In creating our life plan our soul understands that there is NO limit to what can be created and manifested on earth.

Your Soul created your life plan in the field of pure potentiality. The dreams and visions of your soul are open ended.  This  means that there is no limit to what you can create. 

On January 12th 2020 there will be a synchronization between the future and now. Codes of Light will be activated and grounded into the consciousness of all sentient beings.  The very definition of a sentient being is will be redefined.  Communication between homospiritus(the awakened human) and our Galactic Ancestors will be the norm as will communication with the world of spirit. 

During Our Time Together We WILL: 

  • Explore and release the many reasons you are blocking joy.

  • Learn to be a WITNESS to your life. 

  • Learn how to consciously connect with the field of pure potentiality. 

  • Using "Conscious Construction of the Soul" and teachings of Anna you will learn about soul contracts, soul agreements, 7 earth planes of consciousness and more. 

  • You will learn how to look at your relationships via the soul contracts. 

  • Practice Mind Mastery 

  • Learn how to travel into the Akashic Records  

  • Learn how to read the Akashic Records 

  • You will learn how to create a Vision Board that is fueled by visions instead of wishes. 

  • By using Katye Anna’s Three Spiritual Keys for Empowered Living you will learn how to work with the universe to create an empowered, soul guided life. 

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • All class recordings sent via email

  • Receive 1 30-minute Private Soul Mentoring Sessions with Katye Anna

  • Receive recordings from the archives of Anna recordings

Begins February 4th 2020

Time: Tuesday's at 8 PM EST (Will meet every Tuesday for TEN weeks)

Cost: $150.00

Refund policy:  All payments for class tuition, downloadable meditations, 100% non-refundable after first class. 

By continuing with your purchase, you assure us you have read and agree to the information.  

Using The Three Spiritual Keys Will Illuminate The  Pathway To JOY.   

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