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Join Katye Anna for a Transformational Journey

of Soul Discovery & Soul Awakening.


This is a program for serious students who are committed to developing the skills of Intuition, Dream time, Astral travel, Imagination and living a Soul guided and directed life.

Our program teaches students to work with their Soul, and to work from the heart. As we move onto the New Earth, we will embrace that we are multidimensional beings of love. We will move beyond the limitations of the five senses and Separation Consciousness and embrace Unity Consciousness. You will learn how to reconnect to the rhythm of your soul.


We call this a training program because as we move from Old Earth Consciousness, we will have to relearn that we are Co-Creators of our world. Eons ago the citizens of Earth lost our connection to nature and the world of spirit. We also lost our ability to remember that we all travel into other dimensions. It took thousands of years, but we actually began directing our dreams, thoughts and imagination on only creating physical experiences. While it is true most people have lost the innate soul ability of guiding their dreams into being somewhere within each of us the soul quality of dreaming in the dreams of our soul waits to be re-awaken.  We have all used our imagination to create many experiences that were founded in separation consciousness. We have also unconsciously done this with our dreams. As we move into the New Earth energies, we must reclaim the soul qualities of intuition. dreaming, and imagination. 


In my new book The Unraveling Continues - Moving Onto the New Earth and Unity Consciousness  I invite my readers to help me dream in the New Earth. I now ask you the same thing, are you ready to dream in and wake up in the dream of the New Earth?  It takes a lot of energy to hold the Old Earth dreams into being. It will take a lot of energy to wake up in the New Earth.


As children we were taught to see ourselves and our world through the lens of physical consciousness. We lost our connection to the world of spirit as well as the world of nature and to each other. We lost our ability to dream in the dreams of our soul.  Because Old Earth is built upon separation consciousness, we were not taught that we travel to different dimensions, including the astral dimension.  

Just like Old Earth and New Earth the astral world is another dimension. In this dimension everything is alive and connected.  The astral dimension is a non-physical dimension. Everyone was born with the ability to dream into being what they see in their dreams. It is not only for shaman and mystics.  

Your soul seeks to express itself through you. One way your soul speaks to you is through the promptings of your heart.  

I am very excited to be offering this training again.  During the next nine-months the unraveling is going to intensify for those who continue to focus on Old Earth.  I believe this training will help you stay grounded and focused on dreaming in and waking up in the New Earth.  I will be referring to my new book The Unraveling Continues - Moving Onto The New Earth and Unity Consciousness during this class.  

During your Illuminated Soul training:


  • Focus will be placed on developing your soul qualities of intuition, dreaming and imagination. Focus will be placed on "working dreams"  and "soul dreams". Your intuition, dreams and your imagination are the building blocks of your life. 

  • Learn how to reconnect with the rhythm of your soul. 

  • You will learn about your core soul contracts and agreements. (I am sure you have wondered why your soul chose the other souls it did. Knowing your contracts and agreements will help you look at every relationship through the eyes of your soul.)

  • You will learn how to create and hold a new and elevated vibrational frequency of love. 

  • You will learn to transcend time, space and matter and consciously travel to different dimensions. This includes the astral dimension. 

  • You will build your Soul Map. You will learn how to go into the Hall of Records. 

  • You will learn the Chambers of the Heart Release/Healing Process that enables you to find and clear specific blocks that negatively influence relationships, behavior, and attitudes. Every month you will journey into a chamber of your heart. A few of the chambers we will explore our: The Chamber of Change, The Chamber of Angels, The Chamber of Imagination, and the Chamber of Dreams.  

This is an online class through zoom and Tele Conference.


You can attend from anywhere in the world because this is an online class through zoom.


Date and Time: Start Date: June 5th 2024  We will meet the first and third Wednesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 PM ET. (there will be a few breaks during the twelve months) 



Your participation will be required during our time together.  There will be weekly assignments. 

Cost: $700.00 This can be paid 200.00 down and 100.00 monthly for 5 months or 500.00 one-time payment. Contact Katye Anna at to set up payments. 

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One Time Payment of $500.00 

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