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Many people ask what an intuitive reading with me is like. One question many people ask me is am I a medium.  The answer is yes and so are you. We all receive messages from people who have birthed into spirit. While it is wonderful to connect with loved ones who have birthed into spirit this is not the focus of my readings.  If loved one's pop in, and they often do, you will receive the messages.


The focus of my readings is giving my clients information that will help them create lives of joy, peace and love.  

Thirty years ago, I was known as the angel lady - one who walks with angels. I smile because we all walk with angels. The difference is I am blessed to see them, hear them and work with them. Reading energy was something that happened organically when I was giving Reiki sessions. The angels just started popping in. I count my blessings every day that I consciously walk through my life with angels. 

The angels guide my intuitive readings. During my readings I follow the energy of you as I read the clues given to me by the angels. They pop in and light of an area for me to focus on.

The angels guide me by lighting up different chakras.   During a reading Arch Angel Michael might pop in. If he does, I know to read the energy of the person's third eye. Here I look for issues of worry and fear. Because Arch Angel Michael is the Angel of the third eye, I look to see how intuitive you are. Everyone is intuitive but many people water down the information. I will also look to see if you have bags over your head. Seeing bags is another clue I get from the angels telling me my client does not want to see something. I never know where the reading will take me as I follow the clues. I know the information will be for your highest good. 

Many times, Arch Angel Sarah will pop in. When she does, I’m guided to look into my client's 2nd chakra area. Here I look for energy about my client's emotions, sexuality, creativity and flow. I look to see your gifts as well as what might be blocking you. 

When Arch Angel Ariel pops in I know to look into your heart chakra.  If they show me a picture of your back, I look for information of past heartache that might be affecting your current love relationships.

During a reading a soul might pop in. I always ask my client if the person is alive or has birthed into spirit. If the person is alive, it is my clue to look at the current relationship. Many times, it is a sign that the person's soul wants to heal the relationship or there is an issue from childhood that is affecting today. 


The window of opportunity shows up during many of my readings. When I look into the window it will tell me if the energy is high or low for an experience. If the window is closed, it simply means the energy is low and one should wait. If the window is opened the energy is favorable and the time to act is now. 

Many people who come to me want to know about their ongoing relationship with their partner. First, I look to see if they are facing each other or have their backs against each other. Backs against is my clue that communication is an ongoing issue. I look to see the condition of the energy cords between two people. All the angels give me clues as to where I should look when looking into relationship issues.

When doing a reading I always look to see if the person is in the maze or the labyrinth. This gives me clues about the client being confused and lost or if they are trusting the journey. With the angels help I look to see patterns and rhythms of your life. 


When to get a reading: I recommend people get an end of year reading and/or a reading on their birthday. End of year readings wrap up the year and focuses on the new year ahead. Other times to get a reading is if you feel stuck or have questions about current day issues.

I hope this helps to understand what happens during an Intuitive Angel Reading with me.  I feel honored whenever someone trust me to read them.  

Blessings, Katye Anna 

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