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Connecting To The Rhythm of Your Soul

"The journey of soul returning to the earth plane of consciousness begins when the soul has decided it is time to create a new incarnation for soul growth and soul expansion. A soul is not limited to only creating on the earth planes of consciousness. In the astral planes of experience, soul is fully conscious of the truth that it is a spark of Creator God.

Souls understand that it is only on the earth plane of consciousness that one falls into a dream state of forgetting the truth of who it is, a spark of God, both creator and created.

When a soul feels an inner knowing that it is ready to reincarnate, it begins the creative process of creating the desired incarnation. This process begins as all creation does, on the astral planes.

Each soul has a council of wisdom, spirit guides and soul family who help them in this process. However it is up to each soul to create its own life plan. There are many tools available to the soul as it begins contemplating the many choices which will form the new incarnation. This includes a screening room where the soul can preview many different scenarios that may occur on the earth planes of consciousness. "

The soul chooses, the location, era, other souls who will be a part of its journey on earth.

Every week we will journey into the hall of records. You will begin building your own soul chart for this lifetime. You will be able to ask why your soul choose the other souls it did. As you build your own soul chart you will begin to understand your core life lessons, the gifts you were born to share as well and much more.

Some of the questions we will seek to answer:

  • What are soul contracts and when do they end?

  • Why did your soul choose the souls who were your parents?

  • What are your core life lessons to learn in this lifetime?

  • What is bleed through energy and how is it affecting your life?

  • What are soul qualities and which ones do you currently have access to?

  • Together we will look at critical choice points. What are they and what happens when you choose not to go through the new door that wants to open for you?

Recommended reading is “Conscious Construction of The Soul” by Katye Anna

Date: January 18h, 25th, February 1st and 8th 2023 Time: 12:00 -3:00 PM ET Cost: $125.00 for all four classes. You will receive handouts and all recordings from the class. Including Journey Into The Hall of Records Meditation.

For more information and to sign up go to Connecting To The Rhythm of Your Soul or

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