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Tell Them- Messages of Love From the World of Spirit

Message from Katye Anna

As a teacher of soul and intuitive reader, during the last 25 years I have been teaching about the journey of the soul. I have shared thousands of messages from the world of spirit with my students and clients.

I’m passionate about teaching people how to make their own connection with the world of spirt. Our loved ones in spirit form can be more than just a memory. They can be daily companions. They are only dead to us if we believe they are.

When I was a little girl, I didn’t know the adults around me, and even other children were seeing a black and white world. I lived in a world of colors, where angels were my best friends. My grandmother’s garden was my favorite place on earth because it was alive with light beings and beauty. I was around age nine that the magic began to fade away.

The angels and world of spirit that had been front and center in my world began to slip away. I began to see and live in the “black and white,” world. Like most children, I was taught to color inside the lines and to follow the rules of the elders. I began to believe that when people died, they were dead. Sadly, my elders were living in a black and white world.

The death of my grandfathers were two events that began pulling me into the black and white world. This required me to make agreements, one of them was when people died, they were dead to me.

I knew this wasn’t true. I could see angels at both my grandfathers’ funerals. I’ll never forget when two of my aunts had me touch the hand of my grandpa. They were so sad. They told me he was dead. When I touched his hand, it was cold. I knew pop wasn’t dead because I could see him hovering around in his body of light. He wasn’t alone, either. There were many beings of light hovering around.

What I didn’t know at the young age of nine was most of the others could no longer see the world of spirit. They were living in a black and white world. A world built upon old outdated beliefs. A world of dogma and rules. The magic was gone from their world.

Try as I could the magic slipped away from me too. The next 30 years I also lived in a black and white world.

I still experienced beauty. My relationship with God was everything to me. As a child, I experienced God through nature and going to church with my family. That said, once I started seeing the world as black and white the world of spirit and even God wasn’t experienced in the same way.

Life went on. It would be 30 years before I began seeing the world as I did when I was a child. After a Soul Realignment I began to remember what I had known as a child.

Once again, I began living in a world of color and magic. The world of spirit came flowing into my life once again. Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Teachers and yes, those who has birthed into spirit began teaching me and revealing themselves to me.

My hope is this book will help you reconnect with the world of color, the world of spirit and the magic that resides within you.

Katye Anna

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