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The Unraveling Continues- The Birth of Unity Consciousness

When I wrote The Unraveling - Thriving in A Changing World, in 2018, I had no idea how relevant my words would be only a few years later. At the time, I still hoped that the citizens of earth would change course and the unraveling would not have to bring us to this place and time we have arrived.

Earth and all its inhabitants have reached a critical choice point. There is no turning back. There is only forward. Forward to a New Earth, one built on Unity Consciousness.

As I wrote this book, Covid 19 continued to have a significant impact on our daily lives. There is much unrest throughout the world as many people are demanding change. Sadly, the change they are seeking is not coming from a place of love. Separation consciousness continues to be the guiding force in our world. Anger, fear, despair, hopelessness, and distrust are touching the lives of many. That said, there are pockets of people everywhere on the planet who believe they were born for these times of significant shifts and changes.

I believe I am one of them. Perhaps you are one too. We are called the WayShowers. We stand ready to help move the citizens of earth move from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness.

The unraveling will be viewed by many as a time of destruction. While this is true, the unraveling can also be experienced as a time of cleansing.

The unraveling is happening because we have disconnected from the rhythm of our soul. Because of this we have created a world that is out of balance, including our ecosystems, governments, political structures, education systems, financial institutions, and healthcare. Mother Earth herself is going through an unraveling. She will cleanse herself one way or the other.

On a personal, micro level, the unraveling is occurring so we can each step away from our wounds and old-outdated beliefs and embrace the love we were born to share and experience here on earth.

Collectively, on a macro level, the unraveling is occurring so the citizens of the earth can move away from Separation Consciousness. As the unraveling continues to intensify, many people will begin to awaken and understand that the unraveling is occurring for us, not to us. On a cellular level we will start to embrace that we can only succeed together. We will remember that we are multidimensional beings of love. This will not happen without releasing the fear, anger, and hatred that has plagued our world for eons.

The unraveling will continue to tear at the fabric of experiences that are not in alignment with love.

While we cannot stop the unraveling, we have a choice on how we individually and collectively move through it. This book focuses on illuminating a different pathway for those who are ready to step onto it.

Earth and all its inhabitants are going through an evolution. This evolution will reconnect us with the rhythm of our soul and the New Earth energies. By the end of this book, perhaps you will begin to see the unraveling as a mystical experience. In Chapter Five, you will read, “What many have not comprehended is the unraveling is a mystical experience taking place before our eyes. We are so focused on holding onto Old Earth consciousness we do not see the changes for the common good for all that are occurring every day.”

The time for asking how we got here is over.

The question we must now ask is where we do go from here?

To me, the answer is clear.

We must leave Old Earth consciousness and move into New Earth consciousness. We must shift from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness.

To do this we must reconnect with the rhythm of our soul. To do this we must embrace that we are multidimensional beings of love.

We must move forward, embracing that we are all co-creators of this world. We must begin to embrace that creation is an ongoing experience and we are the creators. We must stay open to love and take responsibility for our thoughts and our emotions thus what we are creating.

I invite you to join me in the shedding of Old Earth consciousness built upon separation and survival.

Join me as we move onto the New Earth, built upon unity, the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and the consciousness of love. It will take courage as we move through the days, months, and years of unraveling that are before us. The entire universe and the world of spirit stand ready to help us. The WayShowers are uniting and are prepared to show the way onto the New Earth Consciousness. We are resilient beings of love, and together we will dream in the dream of a New Earth where love will be the foundation of everything created and experienced.

Katye Anna, Teacher of Soul

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