WayShowers are birthing in the New Earth. We seek to embody the ancient ways of unity and universal consciousness, and unconditional love for self and others.  We seek to come together in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation knowing that we can only succeed together. 

During our time together you will be invited to fully anchor onto the New Earth.  The New Earth is a place of love, peace, and joy where everyone thrives.

Mago is a template for the New Earth.  As soon as you enter the grounds of Mago you will begin to slow down the pace of your life.  You will be nurtured by my team, the land, the food you eat, and nature. 

During your retreat, you will be immersed in the Sacred Land of Mago.  All of your senses will be heightened.

Your imagination will soar. 


 During this Retreat:  

  • You will be nurtured and supported to fully embrace and embody the miracle of you.

  • You will have many opportunities to CONNECT and BRING FORTH the dreams and visions of your soul.

  • You will learn how to fully commit to being the joyful, creative, intuitive, expression of love that you are.

  • have many opportunities to release, renew, rejuvenate, grow, expand and transform your life. 


In this magical environment, your spirit will soar. You will begin to embrace the creative force that is within you at a level you have never experienced before. 


These are just a few of the things you’ll experience while on retreat with Katye Anna and her team. 


  • Group experiences and personal Interactions with Katye Anna and her team

  • Daily Teachings from Katye Anna

  • Daily earth walks with Guest Teachers Jill and Nowell Smith

  • Movement and sound with Jennifer 

  • Release OLD outdated beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you

  • Lightweaving in Motion

  • Spiritual Activations

  • Guided Labyrinth Journeys

  • Time to connect with nature, and your Mago community – together and in solitude

  •  Delicious Vegetarian meals that will nourish your body, mind, and soul 

  • Crystal Grid Workshops with Lloyd and Leslie Dull

  • And more…



With her amazing team of Light Workers, and the restorative power of love and community, you will be uplifted, transformed, and renewed. You will leave Mago feeling energized, inspired, rejuvenated, and ready to re-enter life as the Conscious Creator of LOVE you were born to be.

As an added bonus of attending the retreat, you will continue your journey with Katye Anna, and her dedicated team, via 6 free tele-classes: 2 before and 4 afterward.    These tele-classes are interactive. You will have the opportunity to share during every class. This will help you stay grounded and continue implementing the transformation you experienced at Mago. 



During your 5 day, 4 night stay, enjoy a private or shared Casita, with three meals a day, awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, walking paths and energy vortexes, and much more. 


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