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Finding the Rhythm of Joy, Peace and Love

As I watch the sun rise I’m reminded that today is a brand new day and it’s one of my creation. Steven and I leave Myrtle beach SC on Sunday and will drive across the country to Sedona AZ where I will hold The Rejuvenate Body Mind Spirit Retreat at the Mago Retreat Center. During these first three days of the journey I begin to settle into a new rhythm. I find myself sleeping more. I know they are preparing me for the retreat.

This morning I sit watching the ocean tide moving in and out. There’s a rhythm to it and the sound echoes deep within my core. They say the ocean offers restorative energy. I believe this is true.

Anna recently told a group of students that we have no idea the amount of stress we are experiencing as a collective. The rhythm that humanity currently finds itself in is anything but restorative. We don’t see the waves of energy that pull us in and overwhelm us but they are there nonetheless. We must find new ways of taking care of ourselves. This is a time for slowly down our lives and being conscious about what we are creating.

As a collective we are at a crossroads. Mother Earth has withstood many shifts, she will survive because like the ocean she has restorative qualities.

For eons humans have been known as homosapiens. As homosapiens many people believe we are the superior species here on earth. My dolphin friends of the sea and my tree friends will not argue this point but look at us with love and understand that we are a young race of beings.

As the teacher of soul I teach that we are evolving into homospiritus. A homospiritus is capable of bringing more light into the physical body and onto the planet.

HomoSpiritus seek to be Conscious Creators. They understand that everything they create must be for the common good of all sentient beings on this planet. HomoSpiritus also give new definition to the term sentient being.

Conscious Creators do not get pulled into that which is out of alignment with love. They embrace the spirit of collaboration and cooperation among all sentient beings and the world of spirit for they understand it is the world of spirit which will help human kind return to the way of love.

At some level all homosapiens are birthing into HomoSpiritus. Great shifts of consciousness are being experienced by the masses. The indigo children are the first wave who are successfully birthing into Homospiritus. They of course need help and guidance as they are still being pulled into reactive creating. The unrest that many are feeling is because they are fighting to hold onto life as it was. This is a brand new day and we are called to live a new way, one that returns us to the pathway of love.

As we continue to move through these times of great shifts we must bring forth from within a new understanding of what it means to be on this planet and in a physical body. Collectively we must embrace that we can only succeed together. Converging in love and taking responsibility for what we are creating most be at the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Today converge in love. I remind you will never create the experience of love and peace that you seek by going into the shadows. Move away from experiences that are out of alignment with love and begin creating the experience of love and peace you want to experience. Take responsibility your thoughts and emotions understanding they are the fuel behind your experiences.

As you move through this day do so understanding that to succeed together demands that we each show up as the creative force of love we were born to be.

I take a deep breath and I breathe in the restorative energy of the ocean. Today consciously find a way to bring your body and mind into a state of relaxation. Today is indeed a brand-new day and it is one of our creation, lets create a day of joy, peace and love.

Blessings, Katye Anna teacher of soul

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