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You've Done the Groundwork, Now It's Time to Liberate Those Dreams!


As we move out of the energy of 2017, I’m feeling energized and excited. Anna continues to teach that we are moving into a time of self-actualization and the fruition of our soul’s dreams. This means we are moving into energy that is expansive and creative. If you are reading this, you have already shifted major beliefs and you have taken steps to liberate the longings of your soul.

You have dreams — big dreams and desires you know are not yours alone. You feel connected, connected to something bigger than anything you have ever known.

You feel the same sense of excitement as I do about the future, but you’re not sure what the next steps are. We live in a Universe that is constantly expanding and recreating itself.

We must be like the Universe if we are to fully step into and embody our soulful self. This means we must be willing to expand beyond the limits we have unconsciously placed upon ourselves. Within the Universe there are no limits to what we can create.

I know many of you have dreams, big dreams. You hear the call of your soul. You hold within your heart the dream of contributing to the world that will create effective changes of love. I’m right there with you. I am ready to fully embody more of my soulful self.

You’ve done the groundwork, now it’s time to liberate those dreams!!!

Join me for my NEW Be Magnificent Program. During this 10-week teleconference, we will join our energies and our dreams. We will hold space for each other and reach for the stars! We will align our lives with the dreams of our soul that have already been created!

Blessings, Katye Anna 

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