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The Unraveling Will Continue

Updated: Mar 16, 2018


Wow, this book tour has stretched me way beyond my comfort zone. When I left home on January 29th I knew that I was following direct guidance from my soul and the world of spirit. I knew I had resisted taking this huge step for way to long. When Steven wasn’t cleared to travel I knew I would still go on the book tour and go without him. He was able to join me on Monday.

To say that I am different would be an understatement. During my book tour Anna’s messages have been amazing. People were spellbound by Anna. The feedback was great and filled my heart with joy for people love Anna and their messages of love.

I have stepped more fully into embracing that which I am called to be – Katye Anna Teacher of soul and the voice for Anna. (Happy tears)

Now that this book tour is winding down my focus returns to the Rejuvenate Your Body ** Mind ** Spirit Retreat April 22nd to April 26th 201 in Sedona AZ.

The energies we are in and the many shifts we are going through, including on a physical, emotionally and spiritually. Many of you are overwhelmed and feeling stressed almost to a breaking point. Some of you just want to know what you can do to be a bigger part of the SHIFT. Some of you are feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility of that which you are called to do. Many are called to change their lives but are uncertain as to how.

In the past few days they have been telling me that this retreat is VERY important. I knew I was guided to hold retreats and that our retreats will transform those in attendance but telling me they are very important surprised me.

At first, I didn’t understand what they were trying to tell me. When I asked Anna to help me understand why they are saying this retreat is important Anna said this: “We continue to tell you that humankind is moving into times of great shifts of consciousness. With these shifts comes much confusion and a feeling of being disconnected not only from each other but from the world of spirit.

The energy inundating Mother Earth and her inhabitants is not to be taken likely.

To say this energy of expansion is intensifying would be an understatement.

Spiritual seekers are finding each other during these times of expansion.

Your numbers are many and will continue to multiply rapidly as the unraveling continues to occur. We understand the unraveling confuses many and is shaking you to the core.

This unraveling must occur so that the expansion of human consciousness can evolve to allow the SHIFTS which MUST occur so that earth and all of its inhabitants can return to the way of love. Many of you are understanding, on a deeper level, that complacency and standing by the sidelines must be a way of the past, as must Reactive Creating.

Conscious Creating, Divine Collaboration and the spirit of cooperation will require each one of you to fully step up and step beyond what you have experienced thus far as the way of life on earth.

Katye, you have been given the charge to gather together the masses and to bring forth our sacred teachings of light. One way of doing this is through your retreats.

When we say that this is an important endeavor we mean only to imply that many are searching, many are ready to move away from the old way of being into one which requires their full conscious participation with what and how they create.

Continue to put forth the invitation to join US at Mago. Ask others to help you in getting the message out to the masses. We remind you that you can only succeed together.”

As I reread Anna’s message I felt the energy coming forth from their words.

To celebrate my first book tour I am offering the retreat for a special price, Go here for details: This offers ends on February 21st.

Please share this  blog and help me get my messages of love out to the masses.  As Anna continues to tell us we can ONLY succeed together. I look forward to seeing you at Mago and being a part of the SHIFT.

Blessings, Katye Anna

For more information you can reach me at

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