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The Gathering

Updated: Mar 16, 2018

This is what the world of spirit is calling the Rejuvenate Body, Mind Spirit Retreat -The Gathering.

As I sat with those words I could feel my soul leap through my heart.

Oh, my soul, it seeks to bring forth expressions of love. Within each one of us is the blueprint of our soul. It’s waiting to be unleashed to be fully expressed and experienced here on earth.

Richard Rohr recently wrote, “Soul is the blueprint inside of every living thing that tells it what it is and what it can become. When we meet anything at that level, we will respect, protect, and love it. Many human beings simply haven’t found their own blueprint or soul, so they cannot see it anywhere else.”

There is a longing within everyone of us to find the blueprint of our soul. To do this we must of course find and know our soul.

Twenty-nine years ago, after a soul realignment, I began a quest to bring forth the longings of my soul. I understood that my soul wasn’t something to be saved but my soul longed to express itself through my life, here on earth. Now I teach others how to connect and bring forth the promptings of their soul.

The “Gathering” – I am charged with the directive to gather people together, to bring them to Mago.

Mago is a retreat center located near Sedona AZ. The lands of Mago have been carefully nurtured and attended to so that those who enter this sacred place may be uplifted and renewed.

Tears come to my eyes as I think of the blessings we receive while on retreat. When we take time away from the everyday chaos and confusion of a world that is shifting rapidly, we create space within our lives to slow down the daily rhythm of our lives.

Mago is a magical place. It’s sacred gardens, vortexes, and gathering places are infused with energy that helps us go within and this is where we first meet our soul -within. Away from the distractions of our everyday lives, our daily gatherings, dreams, meditations, group experiences, take us to a place of opening to the blueprint of our souls. While on retreat we slow down the pace of our lives and give ourselves permission to rest.

Re-reading that last statement brings tears to my eyes because so many people will not give themselves permission to rest. There is power in “resting.” There is power in retreating from a world of stress and chaos. There is power in gathering with others in a place like Mago.

The gathering – In my dreams last night we gathered, while our physical body rested our minds were filled with visons of the love that we were born to be. In our dreams our souls can reach us. In our dreams we our uplifted and reminded of why we are here on earth. In our dreams we say yes, I will remember and I will bring forth the blueprint of my soul into my life.

Upon waking we try to remember but the outer world quickly takes center stage.

This is the blessing of retreating because the outer world for the days on a retreat are much like our dreams…………filled with wisdom, energy and love.

Many of you reading my words are light workers and servers and you are tired. Many of you are worn down and weary because you are always on “output.”   Some of you simply want to gather with a group of spiritual seekers.  We welcome you all.  Bring your body and mind to Mago. You will be nurtured and supported as you let go of the many things that are weighting you down.

It is your time to rejuvenate and receive.

By taking yourself out of “your life” even for a few days allows the fabric of your life and the world to change. During this time away questions are answered, your heart is healed and your body, mind and spirit are renewed. You are changed, forever changed, and this change you will bring back into to the world with you when you return home. I am confident that you will experience the shift you need to experience while on retreat and you will return home ready to bring forth the longings of your soul and you will have tools and support to do so.

This is why, included in my retreat package are 7 telephone classes held weekly after the retreat to help you ground and continue the change you experienced while on retreat.

I am excited as I continue to move toward this sacred gathering.

Join me and an amazing group of beings at the “Gathering” on April 22nd to 26th at the magical and restorative Mago Retreat Center in Sedona AZ. Rejuvenate Your Body Mind Spirit 

If you have questions or simply want to get to talk to me email me at and we will arrange a time to talk.

Blessings, Katye Anna

PS Please share this post with your friends and email list. Spiritual Key Three: We can ONLY succeed together.

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