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Ready or Not Here Comes 2018


As the energy of 2018 calls us into the New Year, I believe it’s important to reflect on 2017 both on a personal level and as a collective.  Personally 2017 has been a year of growth for me. The first six months were expansive. Holding my first retreat in April at Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona  was a fulfillment of part of my soul work I feel called to do here on the planet. Experiencing my own heart healing and awakening while on that retreat was a gift to be sure.

Spending five days with my brother Gary, sister Sara, and friend Dave, touring the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and the Slot Canyons was a gift of a lifetime. The beauty and power of this part of our country is etched forever in my heart.

Opening my heart to love of another this year has stretched me at times beyond my comfort zone, but hey, inter-personal love is a journey only the brave dare takes.

Steven and I began our life together as a couple in May. My children and grandchildren continue to thrive, and my 92-year-old mother is still making her famous Christmas cookies.

I am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who see me, love me and know me.

That said, I’ve felt a lot of restlessness during the last six months of 2017 in regards to getting the messages of Anna out to the masses. I feel a deep responsibility being the voice of Anna and at times it weighs heavy on my heart. I’m blessed to have the best students on the planet and I have witnessed them growing and expanding their lives. As their teacher, this makes my heart smile but there are millions of people who need to hear that they are the creative force in their lives and we are not doomed to continue living unconscious lives.

I also didn’t realize, until recently, that an experience I had in June affected me as deeply as it did. This experience shaped the 2nd half of the year. I was shaken deeply experiencing first-hand the hatred and meanness of people in my spiritual community toward me. This rocked me to the core. Being a Divine Child, I’ve never understood why people are so mean to each other. I just don’t get it. It sends me into confusion and can knock me off of my center.  It took me back to my childhood years on the playground and in the halls of school where I was bullied and picked on. Unbeknownst to me, the Starvation Pattern was unleashed. As a teacher of soul, I teach about patterns and core wounding and how to transform them. I’ve known that my core pattern to transform in this lifetime was the starvation pattern, but I honestly had no idea, until recently, that when a pattern has been activated it literally overrides the core truth innate in everyone that we live in a universe of abundance with an unlimited supply of love for everyone.

Obviously, we have been creating and recreating experiences on our planet with this universal truth blocked by patterns we all share as a collective consciousness. 

For the most part we are reactive creators moving from one day into the next, recreating the same experiences over and over again because we live unconscious lives. For the most part, we move through our experiences only partially aware that we are the creative force within our lives and EVERYTHING we are experiencing we made some kind of an agreement to allow it to exist in our lives and our world.

Recently Anna gave a discourse about this very subject, they said: Anna’s Message: As you move through your life begin to honor that EVERYTHING you are experiencing at any given moment has been created by you, for you.  We want you to stop and really think about these words, so we are going to say them again, EVERYTHING you are experiencing at any given moment, has been created BY YOU, FOR YOU. Do you realize how powerful you are? As the creative force in your life NOTHING absolutely NOTHING enters your life that you have not given it permission to do so. What you are currently experiencing on earth is a by-product of unconscious creating. Your part in all of this is that you continue to hold onto these creations and conditions because you have forgotten that you are the creative force in your life.

Through the collective you have agreed to accept many of the “CONDITIONS” which you say you detest, as real and necessary. You continue to HOLD these CONDITIONS such as lack, poverty, hate, war, separation, disease, have and have-nots through the agreements you have made and continue to make every-day.

We tell you that which you say you detest you are responsible for it because it cannot be in your life without you putting energy into the experience.”

As you move out of 2017, ask yourself what “CONDITIONS” you are holding the energy for?

This brings me to what we are currently experiencing as a collective consciousness.  In the United States, we swore in a new president. Talk about a shift. He is a result of what the collective created. A core soul agreement is,

“I will be what you have asked me to be so you can be that which you need to be. May we seek to do this on earth in love.”

Keeping this soul agreement in mind we must ask ourselves collectively and individually what this new President personifies so that we can be individually and collectively what we need to be. Many have been triggered by the election activating a core pattern and or wound. I remind you that if you are triggered by something or someone — it’s still all about you. The other person/people are simply being that which you have asked them to be so that can be that which you need to be to fully step up and live a consciously created life.

Throughout the world we experienced nature disasters as well as many experiences not in alignment with love.  These experiences gave many the opportunity to help a stranger and to step up in some way that they would not normally be called to do.  This is reactive creating at its best, but its still reactive creative.  A Conscious Creator is observant and seeks to create change before forced to by circumstances of life.

Many have awakened to the truth that the days of complacency  are over. The days of singing Kum-Ba-Ya are over. People are waking up and aligning their lives with love so that they can align with the collective as love.

Finding new ways to be active by changing that which needs to be changed AND doing so in love is stretching people way beyond their comfort zone. Reactive creating will only get us more of the same while conscious creating will begin to steer us onto a pathway of personal and global transformation grounded in love.

As we move out of the energies of 2017, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your life. Celebrate the many ways you have grown and been stretched outside of your box. Honor the growth and identify the many areas of your life — and our world — that need to shift back into alignment with love. I must remind you that people can only show up in your life in the way that you allow them to.

I’m excited about the new possibilities 2018 will be offering each one of us as well as collectively. As we move into this new portal on New Years Eve know that it is indeed a NEW YEAR and we each have the opportunity to truly be the creative force in our lives in new and powerful ways. Many of you have laid the groundwork in 2017. 2018 offers the energy that will bring our souls’ dreams into fruition as well as a time of self-actualization.

2018 promises to be a year where global shifts will be experienced.  Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Many will be triggered by fear and anger.

  • Stay grounded and do not get pulled into anything that is not in alignment with love. Be deliberate about what and how you are creating.

  • Be active in your local community and seek to change that which needs to be changed, but do so in love. Practice right speech which means to use your voice to inspire, encourage and to motivate others into action though love.

  • Hold those you detest in love. Do not waste your time and energy hating anyone or anything. Do not get pulled into take sides. Taking a side only causes more division. If something isn’t in alignment with love don’t put any energy into the experience. By taking a side you are putting energy into the very thing you seek to change. Many people think they can change an experience by charging into it. This is reactive creating and will not create the lasting change you seek to create. You cannot change anything in the energy it was created.

  • Learn to identity when you are out of alignment with love. Learn to identity when an experience is out of alignment with love and the take divine right action to change.

  • Use The Three Spiritual Keys to help you do this. Converge in love, take personal responsibility for your thoughts and the energy you bring into any given experience and know we can only succeed together.

  • Create time everyday to fill up. We are often drained and have no idea how saturated we are everyday with the many experiences that are not alignment with love. To survive we have closed ourselves off. This is not the solution, because when we close ourselves off we are not staying open to love.

  • Make 2018 the year that you fully step into and embody more of your soul.

  • To help do this find support programs and people who can help to uplift, motivate and encourage you to stay open to love.

  • Find ways to feed yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically, and not just occasionally but EVERYDAY.

  • You need to find ways to leave the chaos of the world behind if only for a few days. You would be amazed what a five retreat two times a year can do to help you stay open to love. Check out our Rejuvenate Retreat

  • As we move into the energy of 2018 do so deliberately and as a conscious creator. A conscious creator will ONLY create experiences where the common good for all as a part of the experience.

  • Be willing to be stretched outside of your comfort zone and seek to see our world through illuminated eyes. We are moving into a time of Divine Collaboration and the spirit of cooperation between human kind and the world of spirit will begin to return our planet to a place of love.

  • There are major shifts we need to make individually as well as collectively to return our world into a safe place where there is enough food, shelter, safety and love for everyone. We live in an abundant universe. The universe is constantly expanding and recreating itself, and we are called to do the same. Lets learn how to harness being the created force in our lives and our world. Make 2018 the year you step up in new ways, using the gifts you have been given to help the collective.

  • That’s why I’m stepping up and making 2018 the year of travel. In January Katye Anna is going on the road. I’ll be announcing my schedule soon. If we are in your area and you want to have us speak to your group PLEASE invite us. I’ve spent the last few weeks of 2017 releasing the starvation pattern and I’m ready to expand my work and reach as many people as I can with my messages of soul and love. If you have been a student and are familiar with my teaching of love and soul, please hold space for me. Tell a friend or two to check me out.   Share my Facebook page/blog with as many as you can.  I look forward to meeting many of you along the way as I travel throughout the United States. I look forward to being the creative force of love and to help everyone I meet remember that they too are the creative force in their lives.

We are all interconnected. Let’s care for each other as never before and remember that together we can do what we cannot do alone.

Blessings, I AM Katye Anna the Teacher of Soul

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