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One Very Tired Teacher of Soul

Yesterday the Living From the Heart Retreat ended at 12:00PM.  To say I was exhausted would be an understatement. I gave everything I had to give during the retreat.  I opened my heart and allowed the love of my soul and the spirit world to guide me as I held space for my retreat attendees to do what they came to do.

After eating lunch with my team and family I knew I needed to sleep.

As a teacher of soul I consciously use dreamtime as restorative time for my body as well as a time to be out of my body and be with the world of spirit.

As I was going to sleep yesterday I remember looking down at my body.  I could see my physical body surrounded by angels and I knew my body would be fueled with love and angelic energy.  In my dream-state I continued moving my consciousness to the “soul plane” within God. There I was greeted by each soul whose personality attended the retreat.  It was an all consuming and surreal experience.  As I write I take deep breaths as I remember the love and gratitude I received from all of these souls.

I then journeyed to another place of consciousness and was surrounded by Ascended Masters, angels and souls.  As I write I am filled with glee remembering the love.  To be honest I don’t have the words right now to adequately express everything that occurred.

I woke up feeling renewed and refreshed.

I know that after future retreats I will retreat in silence for at least three days.  This is the directive I was given during dreamtime last night.  During the retreat I was told that I would bring 1000’s of people to Mago.  At first this felt overwhelming but in this moment I am filled with peace knowing I have the world of spirit and my amazing team of light-workers ready to help.

During my dreamtime last night, I was shown the many souls who would travel to Mago as well as other locations throughout the world to retreat with me and  my amazing team of light workers.  My team of physical light workers are amazing.  As our retreats grow we will add to the team.

My team of light-workers of ascended masters and angels brought forth healing rays that helped break through the blocks my retreat attendees were ready to release.

Anna,  a group of 976 souls I share a steady stream of consciousness with gave discourses and meditations that were beyond amazing.

Interesting is the fact that the recorder did not record any of them.  I’m still hoping the last meditation recorded because I witnessed the energies pouring into everyone of us during the entre retreat but the energy was surreal during our last meditation.

Sadness, heartache, anger, regret, disappointment and much more was released as the light weavers weaved the matrix of light into, through and around each one of us.

I am told that each retreat attendee received what they needed to receive. I know some left the retreat feeling full and renewed while a few others left with many questions. I’m sure a few even left feeling that they did not have enough time to release everything they came to the retreat to release.

I am told that everyone experienced actually what they needed to experience, after all it was their experience to create and create it they did.

Truth is nothing comes into our lives that we have not agreed to allow into it.  As the creative force in our lives we each are creating our own as well as our collective experiences. When we understand and begin to honor that the earth planes of creation is ours to creative perhaps we will begin to fully embody the creative expression of love that we are and bring this forth in all of our experiences.

Today is a new day. I still feel the need to be alone and I will probably sleep a lot today. I will use the gifts I received during my time at Mago as well as my dreamtime last night to help me renew my body, mind and spirit as well as to prepare for the 1000’s of people I  called to serve.

Feeling blessed, humbled, loved and renewed in right spirit in Sedona AZ

I AM, Katye Anna, teacher of soul.

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