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Journey to Sarasota Day Three- Angels


This morning I woke up and began thinking about my day. I plan to leave Myrtle beach and drive toward Sarasota Fl. I picked up my recorder to record a message for todays blog and I began talking about angels. By the end of the recording I was crying. Not just a teary eye cry but a deep gut wrenching cry.

To be honest I didn’t know why I was crying.  Yes, I’m sad because Steven’s doctor told him yesterday he probably will NOT be joining me next week, but I knew the tears were about something else. Fortunately, I learned a long time a go when tears want to be shed allow them to flow. After crying I thought about what triggered me because I knew it had to be something I said while I was recording. (I often record my blogs because my thoughts come out much quicker than I can type them:-)

When I listened to the recording I realized many of my tears were tears of sadness but not about my life but about angels.

It saddens me that many people say they believe in angels, many will go as far as to say they believe angels talked to Mary and other “special” people but most people are unaware of how angles walk with them in the here and now. Writing these last words, I feel a twinge in my heart. It saddens me that people walk through life feeling alone, abandoned, and afraid.

In my book The Three Spiritual Keys Anna shared, “The earth planes of consciousness is entering another cycle where great shifts of consciousness will be experienced by the masses. These shifts in consciousness will require those in human form to come together in love. Divine collaboration and the spirit of cooperation among every tribe of the nation as well as the world of spirit will bring about the peace many seek to experience on earth.”

When Anna speaks about Divine Collaboration they are reminding us that when we collaborate with the world of spirit we will not only bring peace into our lives but our world. I’m excited because what Anna speaks of is also a time of remembering the way of love. Part of this remembering is that Angels, Ascended Masters, they walk among us.

They are not OUT THERE SOMEWHERE but they are right here.

Part of my work, my soul mission, is to remind humankind, that we all have the creative spark of God within us. We all have angels, spirit teachers and Ascended Beings/Masters who can help us move through the experiences here on earth. I remind you that it is NOT the experience which creates the wounding, but it is our attachment to the experiences and the story we tell ourselves about the experience over and over again.

As I’ve said before I don’t always like the journey, but I trust it. We have all had our heart ripped apart by an experience. We have all felt let down by someone, or felt abandoned, broken and lost. Sadly, this is the world we have created but there is a way to help us move through this world and the way is love.

Angels, are here to hold us, guide us and nudge us to move through the experiences of our lives. They help us even when we are unaware they are doing so.  I remind you, they CANNOT intervene in what we create. They can only help us move through the experiences through love, should be allow ourselves to do so.

In my book CrossRoads-Living A Soul Guided Life I wrote: “Beings of light are experienced by every culture. They are called by many different names, but spiritual beings have traveled with us on earth from the dawn of our creation. I call them angels. The world of spirit, guides you in many ways. Some of you “sense” the world of spirit. Some of you “hear” the world of spirit and some of you “see” the world of spirit.

Here are a few ways you have all experienced the world of spirit. You “see” a light flicker out of the corner of your eye. You “sense” that you are not alone in the room. You have “felt” an energy of warmth across your face, shoulders, hands, or arms. You “felt” as if you’ve just been hugged.

The air pressure often changes when a spiritual being enters the room. The room temperature may seem to shift, or you might catch a whiff of a beautiful fragrance that you can’t quite identify. When the angels hug you, you feel a warmth flow through your entire body and your heart expands with a feeling of unconditional love. You “hear” a message to call a friend or not to go down a certain road. You “think” about someone and they call you. You have a dream about someone who has birthed into spirit (died a physical death) and you wake up with a sense of peace. You wake up with the answer about an experience you had been struggling with before going to sleep. You wake up with a longing to change your life. You “hear” a thought repeated in your mind. These “thoughts” encourage you to change your life in a major way…”

I invite you to take a few moments and invite the world of spirit into your life today. Pay attention to the signs that are all around you. Don’t move through your life today without taking breath breaks throughout the day. Whatever the circumstances of your life are, I can assure you that you will move through them much differently if you invite the world of spirit to help you move through it.

In a few hours I’ll be leaving Myrtle beach. I’ll be heading to Sarasota Fl. I’m not sure where I’ll spend the night, but I know my Soul and angels will guide me.

On February 3rd and 4th my book tour begins at the Illuminate Sarasota Body, Mind and Spirit Festival. On Saturday at 12:00 I’ll be giving a free talk about Divine Collaboration. I’ll be offering Soul Message Readings and autographing my books.

I’m excited about meeting people in person I know only through Facebook. I’m also excited about reconnecting with a very special student and being of light.

In closing I remind you to move through this day as the Conscious Creator of love you were born to be. Converge in love, take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and know we can only succeed together.

Feeling blessed and YES I am surrounded by angels and so are you!

Blessings, Katye Anna

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