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“Intuition is Soul Guidance”

Yesterday a friend of mine said she’s going to follow her emotions to help guide her about a situation with a family member.

This got me to thinking about what the difference is between following my emotions versus following my intuition.

As the teacher of soul, I teach that intuition is guidance from the soul.

As children we weren’t taught that we are intuitive. Nor were we taught about the gift of our emotions. Our emotions can take us into the heights of pure bliss and into the depths of despair.

My emotions can be a guide for how I’m feeling about a situation but to use them as a guide for my life choices isn’t the way I live anymore.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an emotional person. That said, I have learned that as wonderful as my emotions are they don’t get the final vote in how I live my life. Today I take responsibility for my thoughts and my emotions and I follow the guidance of my soul.

It took me many years to begin to pay attention to the guidance of my soul. What little I knew about my soul was that it was something that needed saved. I had no idea that I was an incarnated soul and that my soul wanted to express its love through me.

When messages from my soul began to filter into my conscious awareness. I didn’t always understand the message and many times they weren’t clear to me. I was way too busy trying to figure out what everyone around me wanted me to do so my intuitive voice, the voice of my soul, wasn’t easily heard.

I didn’t just wake up one day and begin listening to my soul. It was a process. In truth, first I had to develop a relationship with my soul. I had to understand that as an incarnated soul I had a soul and it would guide me, as I navigated through my life here on earth.

It was a process learning how to open up and invite my soul into my life and to allow it to guide me. Many times, the noise of my life blocked out the soul messages. I believe this is true for most people. The messages from our soul and the world of spirit have always been there but the noise of everyday life blocks out the messages.

What I have learned over the years is that my soul seeks to express itself through my life. I’ve learned and fully embrace that I am here for soul growth and soul expansion.

Knowing this I’ve dedicated my life to bringing forth the visions of my soul. I’ve learned that my soul has an amazing dream for my life. All I have to do is follow the promptings of my heart. Of course, this means staying open to love.

My soul is fueled with pure God consciousness. My soul seeks to create an incarnation where it can bring forth more love onto the planet.

Here are a few truths about soul guidance and emotions.

Soul guidance is direct and is accompanied with an inner knowing that this is the direction I’m to take.

I’m sure many of you have experienced how your emotions can sometimes confuse you about a situation. You might not always know what to do with the guidance from your soul but once you begin understanding the language of your soul the guidance will be clear.

Soul guidance is consistent it’s not all over the map. It won’t ask you to go in one direction and then quickly change direction. There’s always a plan behind soul guidance. Soul guidance will continue to nudge you to move in a certain direction. With each step you take toward the direction of soul guidance you will receive more nudges.

Your soul does not seek to overwhelm you but gently nudges you to change areas of your life that are not in alignment with love.

Your soul guidance will also point you in a direction that will open your life up to a new way of being.

Soul guidance usually begins as soft gently nudges but will increase in energy as your soul seeks to guide you in moving in a certain direction. Your soul understands that the outer world can block out your intuition, so it sent you on this journey with angels, and spirit guides to help you.

From the day of your birth there have been angels by your side. Angels have no desire or need to have you worship them. They simply want to help you move through your experiences on earth as easily as you can. I remind you angels are not fairy godmothers.

When we listen to our intuition, our soul guidance, many emotions will be experienced. Your job is to learn how to make friends with your emotions and to honor them but not to allow them to be the guiding force in your life. Another reason that it’s very important to make friends with your emotions is your physical and mental health are GREATLY influenced by your emotions.

Own your emotions, embrace your emotions, take responsibility for your thoughts and your emotions.

Questions, about how to follow the soul guidance is normal and a part of the process of following one’s intuition. I’ll say it again soul guidance isn’t always easy to follow but along with the guidance your soul will ALWAYS give you a pathway to follow that is in alignment with love.

As incarnate souls we are both physical beings and spiritual beings. As children we were not taught that our emotions send messages to our brain and our brain then releases chemicals into our blood stream.

We were never meant to follow our emotions as the guiding force in our lives but to honor our emotions as we follow the guidance of soul.

Our emotions about a situation comes AFTER the soul guidance not BEFORE the guidance. Our EMOTIONS are based on experiences we’ve had or think we will have.

Allowing your emotions to be your guide is like a driving a car impaired. You’re not officially drunk but your ability to think clear is impaired because you’ve had a few drinks. This is what happens when we’re flooded with a wave of emotions, they can literally impair our thinking.

I remind you that intuition is clear direct guidance from your soul. Your emotions however, are a reaction to something, the guidance and/or an experience.

Your emotions will try and get you to think linearly, meaning if I do this then this will happen. An example of this “If I just continue to love this person they will make healthy choices” is linear thinking.

As many of us have experienced loving someone has little to do with them making healthier choices.

Your intuition will inspire you to think multidimensional. Multidimensional thinking will help you think outside of the box and look at the bigger picture.

How many times have you gotten clear soul guidance and knew it was time to end a relationship, quit the job, start a new adventure, take a leap of faith and change your life etc. only to be stopped in your tracks when emotions that kicked in.

In my friend’s case, she intuitively knew what to do with the situation. Her intuition was clear and when she went against her soul guidance her emotions took her into a tsunami of a wave of emotions, mostly anger. After she released the wave of emotions she was clear again on what she needed to do, which was follow her intuition. She knew it would mean setting and keeping boundaries, but she also knew the path her soul wanted her to follow.

She was clear. She was connected to the voice of her soul.

How many times have you gotten clear soul guidance and knew it was time to end a relationship, quit the job, start a new adventure, take a leap of faith and change your life etc only to be stopped in your tracks by motions that kicked in.

It goes like this, yes, I know it’s best for me to end my relationship with Pete, your thoughts kick in and tell you Pete will be devastated, Pete will not be able to make it on his own, soon your thoughts are fuel by a wave of emotions, based on guilt, which begin to override what you know intuitively to do. Remember your soul only wants to help you create a life of flow and expansion. Your soul will only nudge you to change your life when it is for your highest good to do so. If it’s for your highest good, it’s also for the other person’s highest good. Of course, you’ll have to allow time for this to become clear to everyone involved.

I get it you were not taught the language of soul nor were you taught that emotions are simply alerting you to what you are feeling at any given time.

One way of knowing the difference between your intuition and your emotions is, your intuition does not go all over the map, the guidance is clear and does not waiver. Your emotions, however can take you all over the map. Remember your intuition does not waver. It’s clear, although you might have an emotional response to the soul guidance, it is clear.

Intuition from your soul will always be in alignment with love and seeks to create experiences for the common good of all. This doesn’t mean that implementing the soul guidance into your life will be easy.

Unlike our emotions intuition isn’t based on what we want, or hope will happen, but on directive knowing that this is the path, the action I must follow. I can’t say I always am thrilled when I get a soul nudge to change my life, but I can tell you when I listen and follow the soul guidance my life has ALWAYS changed for the better.

One way to strengthen your intuition is to pay attention to the guidance you receive and follow the guidance.

Living a soul inspired life and listening to the guidance of your soul will take your life from one of fear to one of trust.

Living a soul inspired life will help you honor your emotions for what they are, beautiful feelings. Embrace every feeling but again don’t allow yourself to be swayed by your emotions. Take responsibility for your thoughts and your emotions. If they aren’t in alignment with love “catch them and release them”.

You are the creative force in your life. Don’t be afraid of following your intuition or feeling your emotions. Both serve as ways to help you navigate your life. Slow down your life. Begin to pay attention to the signs of spirit that are all around you. Remember with every new sunrise is the promise of rebirth.

Trust the guidance of your soul. Converge in love, take responsibility for your thoughts and emotions and know we can only succeed together.

Blessings, Katye Anna, Teacher of Soul

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