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Illuminate Soul Training

Greetings, as summer winds down I’m thinking about the Illuminate Soul Training. During this training I have seen people have several major breakthroughs as we move through the months together. This is a nine-month training consisting of 30 gatherings. One of the themes from last year that we will continue asking ourselves is if we are using our energy to “maintain” or are you using it to expand. Expansion doesn’t come easy for many of us because we are committed to maintaining. What we don’t understand is this is survival energy. This year we will continue expanding the teachings on this. In all of my classes I ask the soul to come in and illuminate the pathway. When we step onto this illuminated pathway we enter into a marriage of Sacred Union between our personality and our soul. We will continue to expand on illuminated sight and this Sacred Union are we move through the months together. A question I asked my students this week is what is right in front of you that you aren’t seeing? I shared that this week I was sitting on the edge of my bed where I sit every day. I was looking at the books on my bookshelf. I do this every day. On Tuesday I noticed a notebook I hadn’t seen before. When I opened it up it was from Steven. He put it there before he birthed into spirit, knowing I would find it one day. He wrote a beautiful note and ended with “use this notebook when I am gone. I will love you forever Steven. “ That notebook has been there for at least a year. I didn’t see it. Hmm what else is right in front of my eyes that I am not seeing? We will explore illuminated sight and seeing as the multidimensional being we are. We will explore these and much more during our time together. We would love to have you join us. For more information go to: Blessings, Katye Anna

Anna Speaks: "Souls continue to incarnate on Mother Earth because it is a beautiful planet to live on. Souls understand when the citizens of earth work in harmony and stay open to love there is no greater experience in the universe than on Mother Earth.

The very thing that separates many of you, diversity, is one of the reasons that Souls continue to incarnate on earth.

Diversity of ethnic groups, language, arts, religion, spirituality, climates, environmental factors, emotions, are all considerations as souls create an incarnation on earth. Within the entire universe there is no grander place to incarnate. You can experience the wonderment of a snow-capped mountain, to the breathtaking views of a sunset over the ocean simply with a change in location. On one planet you have forests, deserts, mountains, valleys, coral reefs, tropical jungles, oceans, cities, towns, and villages to experience. The Earth is home to millions of species including many that have yet to be discovered. Throughout your world there are thousands of ethnic groups offering multitude of experiences. Souls see the beauty in diversity while many humans do not."

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