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During Life Mastery this week one of my students talked about how she was experiencing the dark night of the soul.  The dark night of the soul is something I have personally experienced.

In my book CrossRoads I wrote, “It was during this time period that I experienced what many people call the dark night of the soul. I define the dark night of the soul at a time in the personality’s life when they feel a sense of overwhelming disconnection from everything and everyone, including is not feeling the love of the world of spirit and God. The personality becomes so overwhelmed with emotions and feelings they get pulled into the rabbit hole of despair and the shadow energy temporarily blocks one from experiencing the light of one’s soul…

This was a time of great confusion, separation, and despair in my life. Even ending my marriage and my nervous breakdown did not compare to what I was now experiencing.

Dying was preferred by me.

This is the first time in my life I questioned God..

When this despair and anguished came over me, I was unprepared for the disconnection from God I was experiencing.

This lasted for months…..

It was during one of these experiences where I was begging to go home to God and pleading for help that my bedroom was suddenly filled with angels and light.  I was taken out of my body. I don’t remember how long I was out of my body, but when I came back into my body I was different. Every cell of my being had been changed by the light. I was renewed and I began seeing the world and everything that had occurred in my life up to that point as being in Divine Order. Nothing, and I do mean nothing had the power it once did. Old outdated beliefs were released and the rabbit hole of despair was never to be an option again.”

It seems a lifetime ago that I went through the dark night of my soul.  I can say that life has never been the same since that night the angels came into my room and healed my heart.

CrossRoads-Living a Soul Inspired Life is the story of my life from age 30 to current day.  I share how I began seeing angels and communicating with loved ones who birthed into spirit.  I share about critical choice points and choices I have made along the way.  I share the core of my work is the Three Spiritual Keys and much more. As for the dark night of the soul it was a gift a beautiful gift.

As a teacher of soul I believe at some point we must choose to move away from childhood wounding and this includes moving away from old outdated beliefs and patterns.  The power to choose love is within each one of us.

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