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Dare to Believe


November 26, 2017     


During my dream time last night, I kept hearing the words Dare To Believe. At first, I thought it was to be the theme for the Spring retreat in April but as I sat with it this morning I realized that there was a big message and lesson they were trying to teach me. As a teacher of soul I know that many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that the world and their life can be different. Many people have forgotten how to dream. I’m a dreamer but I can’t say it’s always easy manifesting the dreams in the physical world. So last night when I keep hearing the words Dare to Believe during dream time I knew there was a very important message they were trying to give me.

I asked Anna why I kept dreaming the words Dare to Believe and they said: Katye, the words dare to believe are given to you at this time because you have begun to doubt your ability to bring forth the dreams of your soul. You are blessed because unlike many, you actually are aware of the dreams of your soul. However due to what you view as recent setbacks you have begun to question if you are indeed capable of bringing forth the dreams and visions of your soul. Dare to Believe encourages you and those who hear our words to have courage and to continue believing in something despite the outward manifestations and/or temporary challenges one is currently experiencing. Dare to Believe encourages you to reach deep within and bring forth the dreams of your soul. Catch and release the doubt that creeps in. Be courageous and diligent and follow your heart for in doing so you are following the dreams of your soul. Dare to Believe Katye, believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

As Anna spoke to me I realized this message Dare to Believe is one I needed to hear and maybe you do too. Many people say they believe we can return our world to a place of love but do they REALLY believe it. Outward experiences may tell us to give up believing in something or someone or to stop reaching for a dream and many time we give up. Yes, there comes a time when we are guided to move in a different direction, and yes sometimes we have to end a relationship/experience that isn’t in alignment with love but there is also a time to “Dare to Believe” in a dream, even when it’s so big that it almost seems impossible that you can make it happen.

Daring to Believe that my soul created an amazing life plan and doing what I can to bring this life plan and teachings into fruition is part of my journey here on earth. “They” are right I did need to hear the words Dare to Believe. I did need reminded that often it takes courage and fortitude to follow the grand plan of the soul. I am the ONLY one who can ground this dream because it is my soul’s dream, thus, it’s My dream. It’s my job to stay open to love and to listen to the promptings of my soul and to do whatever I need to do to bring into fruition the dreams my soul had for my life. As I move into the energy of 2018 I do so Daring to Believe that this is the year that my messages of love and transformation will continue to change the lives of others who hear them. In this moment I am filled with hope and excitement because I do Dare to Believe that 2018 is going to be an amazing year of personal, professional and spiritual growth and expansion.

Do YOU Dare to Believe?

Take a few minutes and think about a few dreams you have. Write them down no matter how small or grand they are?

Now choose a couple of your dreams to focus on. Do you Dare to Believe you can ground and liberate them? If not, what is blocking you from doing so? Are there old outdated beliefs and patterns blocking your from stepping into your dreams?

Think about a few of your dreams that are coming from your soul? Choose a few to look at on a closer level. What steps are you taking to bring the dreams of your soul into fruition? If a dream is coming from your soul, it will always add to the collective pool of love. You will know if the dreams are coming from your soul because you continue to feel nudges and a deep desire to do something that will not go away and it will add to the collective pool of love. Longings of your soul can feel overwhelming because they often feel so grand. Trust if you feel the longings of your soul you can also feel the plan your soul has created. Remember your soul and the entire universe will support you on your journey.

The world of spirit believes in you, do you?

Blessings, Katye Anna

Dare to Believe Part Two

Greetings,                                                                                                                       November 27th 2017

I didn’t feel that the blog you just read was finished so I didn’t send it out yesterday. I felt there was more for me to learn from the spirit message Dare to Believe. I was guided to go to bed early and usually this means that my soul and spirit teachers have something they want to teach me.

After a long night of dreams which included many people both in the physical and non-physical world I woke up again with the words Dare to Believe running through my mind.

As I sat with these words once again and began remembering my dreamtime I began to feel the power behind them. They showed me last night, in my dreams, that many of us say we believe but deep below the surface, in the confines of our hearts and minds we all carry a level of disbelief and doubt about many things.

We say we believe that we can heal our bodies, heal the planet, create peace on earth, find our beloved, live a life of abundance… but through the experiences of our lives we get weighted down and doubt and fear creeps in.

Disbelief, doubt and fear are poison to the human spirit.

This morning hearing the words Dare to Believe began to resonate with my body and my mind and I feel the energy of this message from spirit.

I smile as I hear the words over and over again, Dare to Believe.

These words energize me.

These words inspire me.

These words touch a place deep with my heart. I feel my soul leap forth and I feel the power of this message from spirit.

Now the tears begin to flow, and my soul and spirit guides begin to smile because their message has been received and imprinted. I have always been a believer in the power of love and the human spirit to overcome any challenges we face during our lives here on earth. I have always believed in the world of spirit being a guiding force in our lives, even when we have no awareness of it. I have believed in the power of every student and client I have worked with to change their lives but recently I have begun to doubt myself. Having to cancel the December retreat really hit me hard, harder than I realized. I felt like I had failed my soul and the people who had signed up for the retreat.

My soul and the world of spirit understood this, and they continued working with me in my dreams. They were not going to allow me to miss this opportunity to learn a very important lesson.

Yesterday I couldn’t figure out why they used the word DARE but this morning I understand what they wanted me to imprint about Dare to Believe.

My soul and angels are encouraging me to have courage, to be confident, to be brave and to continue believing in myself and my gifts even when something doesn’t go quite the way I thought it would. “They” are encouraging me to Dare to Believe that a little girl born and raise in a little town called Spring Grove grew up to become the teacher of soul and would change the lives of many. “They” are encouraging me to Dare to Believe that I have within me the courage and confidence to continue offering my messages of love to anyone who will hear them. They are encouraging me to Dare to Believe in the dreams of my soul.

“They” are asking each one of us to Dare to Believe that we were born to be here on this planet at this time of the great shift to help return our planet and the people on it to a place of love. “They” are asking us to Dare to Believe that there are more people then any time on our planet waking up to the knowing that LOVE is the ONLY way to live. “They” are asking us to Dare to Believe that through Divine Collaboration we will and are returning earth to a place of love. “They” are asking us to remember that we are beings of love.

I am filled with gratitude and energy as I embrace this beautiful message from my soul and spirit guides.

I invite you to join me. I invite you to become a Conscious Creator of love. Dare to Believe that you can change your life. Dare to Believe that you are the creative force in your life. Dare to Believe that what you do in this moment has the power to change your life, thus the world. Dare to Believe that you are supported and loved by the world of spirit.

Dare to bring forth your soul to shine though your life. Dare to break out of the box of unconsciousness and be the creative force of love you were born to be.

Dare to Believe!

Blessings, Katye Anna Teacher of Soul 

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