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A Return to Mago


When I was a little girl one of the ways I experienced God was through nature. My grandmother’s garden was one of the most magical places on earth. In an instant I can still be transported to this beautiful, magical place. If I close my eyes I can still smell the flowers and the grapes that grew every year. The sounds of the bees buzzing around the grapes are also easy to hear. My grandmother tended to her garden with love. No matter how much work she had to do on the farm she would always have time to tend to her flowers. I’m sure this was one way she connected with God.

About a year and a half ago I woke up and was told to hold a retreat in Sedona AZ. I also heard the words “Mago.” Doing a word search I found there was a place called Mago — and it was a retreat center!                I booked the retreat and on April 23rd 2017 we held our first retreat there..

Mago is much like my grandmother’s garden.   It’s a magical place. I believe everyone needs to go on retreat at least once a year. Time to get away from the world and the distractions of everyday life, allowing you the time to put the focus on you.

My dreams take me to Mago. Mago continues to call to me, just like my grandmother’s garden did when I was a child. BTW, Mago means Mother Earth. The caretakers of Mago tend to the land much like my grandmother did. On Mago’s web page they say, “Experience the land that will touch your heart and awaken your soul.” Mago is a place that will touch your heart and awaken you to a deeper connection with your soul. 

On April 22nd 2018, we are going back to Mago. I sat with the energy for weeks and asked for guidance about what kind of retreat They” wanted me to host. I was guided to create a retreat where we will use the land as it is meant to be used.

Mago is waiting for YOU to join me and others for a truly magical time. 

During this retreat you will be nurtured by the land and my amazing team of lightworkers as you move into “your new pattern of being.”

If you have never worked with me before, I invite you to contact me at to schedule a tele session to explore if this retreat is a right fit for you.

Blessings, Katye Anna

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