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21 Day Conscious Creating Challenge


You are invited to join Katye Anna in a 21 day Conscious Creating challenge.

Should you choose to accept this challenge you do so ready to be a part of creating a huge shift on earth. We will use “The Three Spiritual Keys.” as guidelines to help us.

Spiritual Key One: Today converge in love. This means giving NO energy to anything that is not in alignment with love. The experience can cause NO harm to anyone or anything.

This might actually take some thought on your part because much of what we do is unconscious and reactive.

This takes us into Spiritual Key Two: RESPONSIBILITY, take RESPONSIBILITY for your thoughts and the emotions behind your thoughts. Your thoughts have the power to add to the collective consciousness of love. To do this you must take ownership of your thoughts.

This means NO reactive creating. If something you read, see or experience sends you into reactive mode today you will STOP, doesn’t matter what the experience is, you will STOP and take RESPONSIBILITY for your energy. You will not allow yourself to engage in experiences that our out of alignment with love.

Today be aware of how many ways and times you get triggered by something or someone. Remember if you’re triggered you are out of alignment with love. It’s up to each one of us to take RESPONSIBILITY for our part in what’s being created everyday. This means no sharing news, posts, information about any experience that is out of alignment.

Ahh that just triggered some of you because you think if you’re not informed about the shadow experiences they will take over our world. I have news for most people live and create their experiences in the valleys of the shadows. The shadow experiences get much more attention because as a race of reactive beings this is where we put our energy. By giving these experiences our energy we actually help them grow.

Be informed but do not get pulled into any experience that is not in alignment with love and do not help it expand by giving it your energy.

Today you will share your light by being the light. Today you will stay open to love. You will not engage in judgment, gossip, blame, or condemnation of anyone or any experience.

You will practice right speech. If your words do not encourage, uplift, motivate through love do not speak or share them with others.

Participating in this 21 day Conscious Creating Challenge will require you to use your energy, time and resources to focus on experiences that uplift, inspire, motivate and encourage.

As a part of this 21 day challenge everything you create will be for the common good for everyone sharing this planet.

We realize this might require some of you to think outside of the box. You might be surprised how many ways and times a day you are out of alignment with love.

Spiritual Key Three: We can only succeed together. This requires each of us being willing to use the first two spiritual keys, converging in love and taking responsibility for the energy you’re bringing into every situation.

Join me today and be a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of LOVE.

If you’re on Facebook join my new Conscious Creating Group. I will be doing face book live events. Many of these events will be interactive.

Share with us how you’re doing with this challenge.

Blessings, Katye Anna

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