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My heart partner Steven birthed into spirit on September 23rd 2021.  I am guided to invite people to share in conversations about physical death, grief and the afterlife.  As a teacher of soul I share my journey so that perhaps others might find new information that will help them move through the physical death of a loved one. 

No matter what our beliefs are about what happens to our loved ones for those of us in this physical dimension death sucks. There is no way to avoid grief that comes with the physical death of a loved.  You can try but you cannot run from grief. 


That said, you can move through grief.  

Before Steven birthed into spirit he said, "It is not fair that I will be in a place of joy and love while you will be missing me and going through grief." I told him, that's the cost of seeing death through one dimension.  I am blessed I still have contact with my loved ones in spirit.  That said, my journey is here on this plane of consciousness we call earth. 

Everyday I am filled with gratitude that I have the gift of life here on earth. I am actively a part of creation. 


How cool is that.  


Within the entire universe there is no grander place to incarnate than on earth. We can experience the wonderment of a snow-capped mountain, to the breathtaking views of a sunset over the ocean simply with a change in location. On one planet we have forests, deserts, mountains, valleys, coral reefs, tropical jungles, oceans, cities, towns, and villages to experience.  Here we experience love in multitude of ways.  Physical touch of a loved one who has birthed into spirit is something we all miss. Perhaps the message is to take time every day to connect with those we love and share the gifts of being in a physical body.  

There are many old outdated beliefs about death and dying as well as what grief is. 


I tend to name my grief.  Today I miss Steven's voice.  I ache for his physical touch. I am deeply sadden by this.  The waves come and go.  The ugly cry does not last as long.  Crying is one way of moving through the grief.  

As a teacher I have witness many people hold on to regret and unfinished business. Their grief becomes a way of life.  I have even heard teachers say you will always have the grief in your life. You just learn to live with it.  I personally do not believe this and telling people this sets them up for lives of sadness and miserly.  

I invite you to join me on Wednesday's at 11:00 AM for open discussions about physical, death, grief and the afterlife. 

This is a free tele class. 

Sign the form below.  If you have been to one of my free classes about death and dying no need to sign up again.  


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During our time together be we will explore many of these beliefs.  We will also explore the beliefs in this next picture.

grief birthing into spirit.jpg

Is it possible by embracing new beliefs about death and that our journey through grief can be very different than the way most people currently go through grief?

I believe it is and I have witnessed this through working with students and clients.

Join me Wednesday's beginning October 27th at 11:00 AM ET for a free Teleclass.  This class will be recorded and sent to you.  It will include a Heart Meditation. This class will meet on line every Tuesday. If you can't join us for the live class sign up and receive the recordings.


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