Conversations About Life, Death, Grief and the Afterlife 

with Katye Anna



Recently someone sent me a picture of quotes about grief.  She asked me if I believed them to be true?  A few of them I could agree with but for the most part I found myself feeling very frustrated that many people believe things like, they will grieve forever, they will never get OVER the lost of their loved one, they will always have a hole in their heart…etc.


In my work as the Teacher of Soul I teach that our beliefs are the building blocks for our experiences. This is also true about our beliefs about death, dying and grief. 


Look at the picture below. I believe that many of these quotes about grief are accepted by the collected consciousness especially here in the United States. Thus we build our expericne of greif on them.

During our time together be it in The Moving Through Grief Class or Private Sessions we will explore many of these beliefs.  We will also explore the beliefs in this next picture.

Is it possible by embracing new beliefs about death that our journey through grief can be very different than the way most people currently go through grief?

I believe it is and I have witnessed this through working with students and clients.

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