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I Wish Someone Would Have Handed Me This After My Husband Allan Birthed Into Spirit

Your loved one has birthed into spirit and because of this your life and you will be forever changed. 


During these first challenging days, weeks and months of adjustment and great shifts it is very important that you focus on self-care. 

Your body and mind are in fight or flight. 

Tell yourself you are safe. This will help to calm your body and mind.

Take deep cleansing breaths throughout your day.

Sleep when you can.

Drink water and eat when you can.

Allow people to take care of you. 

Reach out to others you trust for support. 

Honor every emotion.

Cry every tear.

Feel every emotion.  

The teacher grief is meant to help you move through the many waves of emotions that personalities feel when someone they love has birthed into spirit.

Life as you knew it has forever changed. Honor this and honor that there is no clear defined rules on what you will feel during this time of great change.  

Your life and every experience are unique because you are unique. 

This experience is yours. How you move through it is up to you. People can help but ultimately how/if you move through your grief is up to you. 

Trust in the power of love to help you through this great shift in your life.  

Your loved one who has birthed into spirit is not limited by time, or the physical body. They will reach out to you to support you through this process.

They will send you signs.

Trust the signs.

Release old, outdated beliefs that tell you that you are grieving because you have loved. Grief is not the cost for loving someone.  You are grieving because someone you love will no longer be in your physical life.  You are grieving the dreams you had for them and with them.


Grief has nothing to do with how deeply or how long you have loved the person who has birthed into spirit. You are grieving because you know of no other way to process the waves of emotions. You are sad. You are feeling hopeless and helpless.  

You are not grieving because you have loved.

Grief is not the cost for loving someone.

There is NO cost for loving someone but there is great joy when we love.


Remember that within Creator God, there is no separation. 


Your loved one who has birthed into spirit has taught you the lessons they came to earth to teach you. While on earth the lessons took many shapes and forms. Embrace the life lessons. Do not judge them nor yourself.  


One day you will understand that although your loved one is no longer in a physical body they still have things to teach you about love.  

Embrace the love that is eternal and know when one door closes other doors will open. 

Only you can decide when or if you are ready to move through the open doors which will lead you to new experiences of love.


Time is indeed your friend. With your help your body and mind will find its way out of fight or flight. An even greater friend is the power of choice. You and only you will determine how you move through this time by the choices you make. 

Someday If you are willing, you will move through this time of great change and begin to bring in a new dream. You will have the opportunity for a rebirth in your life. Until that day be gentle with yourself and

Stay Open to Love. 


Trust in the power of love to heal and guide you. 

Take a deep breath.

Take another deep breath.




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