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Liminal Space and Grounding In the HeartKatye Anna
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Living in Liminal space is a transitional place. In this space, we begin to let go of our lives on Old Earth and begin moving into the energies of the New Earth.  Grounding has always been a major teaching of mine. Grounding was simply putting your awareness on your feet and seeing cords/roots going into Mother Earth.  This grounded us from the root chakra.  It helped to anchor our physical connection to Mother Earth. 


During this time in liminal space we move our grounding from the root chakra to the heart space/chakra.  The heart space is a place of love, peace and joy. Living on the New Earth requires that we stay open to love. This requires that we live from the heart. 


Your heart space connects you to the world of spirit and other planes of consciousness within a blink of an eye. Your heart space is home to your intuition your intuitive guidance.  


These very simple meditations begin to ground you onto the New Earth.  The New Earth is a place of love, peace and joy where everyone thrives. 

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