The awakening is occurring on every plane of consciousness on earth as well as in every sentient being.

The codes of light are being activated,
axiatonal lines are being reconnected. 


People are receiving insights and intuitive information on levels they haven’t experienced before.  


During this time of unraveling we are experiencing many energy spikes.


These energy spikes meet us where we are at.


People are also experiencing waves of intense emotional energy. 


You may have noticed that you feel you are not living on the same earth as you lived on a few months ago. 


Perhaps you are feeling disoriented, lost, and questioning what is going on. 


You find yourself being pulled into shadow experiences. 


It is more difficult to stay grounded. 


You feel a deeper connection to the world of spirt and the elementals.


You feel a sense of peace even during these shifting times. 


You feel an inner knowing you were born for these times.


You feel as if you have one foot in one world and the other in another world. 


All of these experiences and feelings can be experienced within the blink of an eye and they are a part of the Shift.


We are now living in liminal space.


We are in transitioning space as old earth continues to die

and the new earth is being born.


Now more than ever it is important to trust your intuition and stay open to love. 


The energy spikes will continue to intensify during the next 6 months.  Grounding, staying open to love, and taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions are essential as we transition from the old earth to the new earth.


Every class will begin with a new discourse from Anna and will end with a meditation. There will be activations, and attunements to help you adjust to the energies of the new earth. There will be time in every class for discussion. All classes are recorded and sent to you. 


Date: July 7th 2020 to September 8th 2020 (Ten Weeks)

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Cost: $100.00 (Scholarships available upon request) 



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Message From Katye Anna

 I invite you to join me and be a part of consciously creating the New Earth.


During this transformational class you will be given tools to help you shift from linear thinking to multidimensional thinking. You will be given a pathway to help you shift from old earth to new earth.  This requires a consciousness shift in the way you think about your life and move through your life. 


Liminal Space is a transitional space – a place where you begin to understand that we are every-where and we are no-where.  In Liminal Space we begin to understand that our consciousness is not limited to time and space. In liminal time our concept of time and space changes. 


We are living in extraordinary times. It is time to create a new story. We begin doing this in liminal space.


The New Earth is a place we go to in our dreams.   A place where everyone thrives. A place where love, peace joy, the spirit of Divine Collaboration and Cooperation is the guiding force. We move into cosmic consciousness.


Katye Anna



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