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We are truly living in extraordinary times.

We are birthing a new civilization known as homospiritus.

We are the Wayshowers.


The awakening is occurring on every plane of consciousness on earth as well as in every sentient being.

The codes of light are being activated,
axiatonal lines are being reconnected. 


People are receiving insights and intuitive information on levels they haven’t experienced before.  


During this time of unraveling we are experiencing many energy spikes. As we move out of 2020 into the energy of 2021 these energy spikes will continue to meet us where we are at. 


During this time we will continue to be in Liminal Space. Liminal Space is a transitional space – a place where you begin to understand that we are every-where and we are no-where.  In Liminal Space we begin to understand that our consciousness is not limited to time and space. 


Now more than ever it is important to trust your intuition and stay open to love.  Grounding, staying open to love, and taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions are essential as we transition from the old earth to the new earth.


Every class will begin with a new discourse from Anna and will end with a meditation. There will be activations, and attunements to help you adjust to the energies of the new earth. There will be time in every class for discussion. All classes are recorded and sent to you. 


Date: November 10th 2020 to January 12 2021 (Ten Weeks)

Time: 8:00 PM ET

Cost: $125.00



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Message From Katye Anna

I invite you to join me and be a part of consciously anchoring the New Earth. As we move out of the energies of 2020 on December 31st a new portal opens taking us into 2021.  I AM excited to be your guide and teacher during this time of great shifts and unraveling. 


As I begin to get in touch with the energies of 2021 my soul leaps through my heart with joy and excitement.  Our soul understands that we live in a field of pure potentiality. While it is true Old Earth will continue to unravel the New Earth awaits us not someday but NOW. The angels, ascended masters, spirit teachers, guides and our souls are here to help us fully embrace and anchor onto the New Earth.  Our galactic ancestors are also helping by opening gateways and portals to new dimensions of reality.


We begin anchoring the New Earth TODAY by embracing Soul qualities, of kindness, generosity, and unity consciousness.  We continue to eradicate fear, judgment, and separation consciousness. We shift from reactive creating to conscious creating.  We live from the heart and allow our Soul to guide us.


As we begin to live more fully from the heart and guided by our soul our vibrational signature will become a match for the New Earth.  Using an energy scale of 1 to 10 on old earth if you are a reactive creator your vibrational signature stays below 3.  As you begin to shift from fear based and reactive living your vibrational signature begins to move into the 4 to 8 range.  New Earth requires a vibrational signature of 9 to 10 at ALL times.  I will be expanding more on this and much more during class.


This class is designed to help you move through the energies of 2020 and into the energies of 2021.


I look forward to anchoring the New Earth with you. 


Blessings, Katye Anna









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