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During this four-week online zoom class you will meet my core group of angels.  You will also learn how to connect with your own team of angels.  Through guided meditations and energy, you will learn how to merge your life with the light, laughter and love of the angels.

During this class you will learn how to open your heart and mind to receive angel messages and messages from the world of spirit.

This Angel Class will expose you to a new level of wisdom and understanding of angels and how to journey with them.

This is an online class and will be recorded. You will also receive copies of all meditations. 


Dates: July 7th, 14th, 21st, and 27th

Time: 8:00 to 10:00 PMET
Cost: $111.11

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Excerpt from Walking With Angels 

"While it is true angels cannot intervene with the choices we make, they can and do encourage us to walk the pathway of love.  They whisper in our ears and visit us in our dreams to guide us as best they can. Sadly, most people wake up and have no memory of what occurred during dreamtime. 

They wave red flags and try and stop us from making choices that are not in alignment with love. 

Many years ago, while attending a funeral, my granddaughter Kourtney whispered, “Grandma do you see them?” I smiled and said, “Yes.”  She said, “Grandma they are everywhere.” Her eyes were filled with wonderment as she looked around the church.  

Indeed, there were angels everywhere in the church that day. 

I remember telling my sister Debbie about the angels that were in the church at our grandfather’s funeral. I was nine and just like my granddaughter, I could see the angels and beings of light.  I remember telling my sister and she told me to be quiet.  I had no idea that my sister and others could not see the angels.  I now realize that many around me that day could not see the angels.  Perhaps I was the only one who could see them. That said, the angels were still in attendance. They were trying to help us move through the sadness of that day. 

For the most part, much of what our Angelic companions do is “behind the scenes.”  Most people are unaware that an angel has helped them or comforted them.  Most people have no idea that an angel is holding them up during times of stress. They have no idea that an angel whispered in their ear to reach out to someone.  They just felt the urge to call someone. When they did, they discovered the person really needed to talk to someone.  Many catastrophes have been averted because someone listened to the silent nudges of an angel.   As messed up as our world and lives might appear at times, without the help of angels, spirit guides and teachers, earth and its inhabitants would have fallen into the abyss eons ago.  

The good news is it’s never too late to start calling on your angels for help.  Although you might have forgotten about them, they have always been right by your side. 

Take a moment and think how wonderful it would be if you believed that angels walk beside you.  For a moment think how different your life would be if you knew that angels were with you during every experience of your life. 

I know many who read my worlds want to believe this is true.  

It is! Angels walk beside you. You have your very own team of angels.   With a shift of consciousness, you can begin to live in a world where angels are a part of your life."

Intentionally connecting with angels infuses your life and your energy field with their energy.  28 years ago, the angels returned to my life in amazing ways.


The angels began popping into my energy sessions and readings. They guided my work and my life. Today I continue to work with a core group of angels. Arch Angel Metatron continues to be a core teacher of mine.  20 years ago, Archangel Ariel popped into my life and has continued to guide me.

It is no secret that we need more light, laughter and love in this world. 


The angels want to help us move into the New Earth energies.  We all walk with angels but sadly most people have little or no awareness how angels have helped them throughout their life. 

Make the shift today and fully connect and align with the angels and the world of spirit as we move into the energies of the New Earth.

Blessings, Katye Anna 

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