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Unified Field Of Love Meditation 

The Unified Field Of Love Meditation by Katye Anna
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Do not listen to this meditation while driving.  

Unified Field Of Love Meditation 

This recording was given to me in my dreams on January 7th 2021.  I had asked for guidance about how I could be of service during these times of unraveling. 

During my dreams I was taken to a place of healing.  They called it The Unified Field of Love.  It was a beautiful place.  A place of love.  The colors were surreal. I could hear beautiful music in the background. As far as I could see there were people like myself receiving healing in this unified field of love. 

There were Angels, Ascended Masters, and Souls surrounding everyone.

As my dream continued, I was guided through this meditation. Through the night I heard the same words over and over again.  I share it with you in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation. May it bring you peace. 

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