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Join Katye Anna for a year of Divine Collaboration, Support, Education, and Transformation. This is a tele class.  All classes are recorded and emailed to you. Begins May 9th 2018 and Ends April 1st 2020.


As children many of us were taught how to survive not thrive. We work so hard to maintain that we have no idea how to live lives that are creative and expansive.  We hold on to what we have/had which energetically blocks the new from entering our lives.

Join Me and an Amazing Group of Spiritual Seekers

Together we will build a frame work for what it means collectively and individually to thrive.

Learn how to align with your soul and follow its guidance moment by moment. 

Built upon Katye Anna's two books The Three Spiritual Keys and The Unraveling-Thriving In A Changing World you will learn how to move through these times of great shifts by staying open to love.

   Every class offers a different spiritual message and teaching. 
  Every class offers time for students to share and ask question.

Every class ends with a meditation

You will learn the power in letting go of the old

You will learn how to be a Conscious Creator

You will learn how to surrender to a wave of unity consciousness 

You will learn how to connect with your authentic self and to come into alignment  with the natural flow of the universe 
You will learn how to Catch and Release old outdated beliefs and patterns.
You will learn how to align with thought patterns that will empower your life.

You will learn how to practice right speech.

You will learn the power of changing your thoughts 
You will learn the freedom in allowing others to have the experiences they need to have.
You will learn how to call upon the world of spirit to help you move through the experiences of your life.

On the 3rd Thursday of every month there will be a guest teacher.  These teachers will teach a wide arrange of subjects including, how to use crystals to cleanse, balance and align our bodies and our minds, sound healing, essential oils, using tarot cards for guidance, and much more.

Cost: $900.00 includes 4 Mind Mastery Tele Classes.


Can be paid $75.00 a month. To set up payments contact katye@katyeanna,com


For one time payment of $700.00.  click here 

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