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Journey Into the Hall of Records Tele Class

with Katye Anna and Guide Jasper

Join Katye Anna for a ten week class into the Hall of Records. This will be a tele class and will begin on September 10th at 8:00 PM EST. 


The Hall of Records is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced. This is where all souls converge to finalize their life plans and to choose other souls to journey with them on earth. The agreements made here are made in love and are sacred and binding.

The Hall of records is on the Akashic Planes of consciousness within God. This is why they are known to many as the Akashic Records.

The Hall of Records contains information about every incarnation your soul has experienced.

During this 10 week class you will learn how to travel into the records and begin reading about the journey of your soul.

You will receive a guided meditation that you can use to help you begin to travel into the Hall Of Records. 


You will also receive a guided meditation to help you enter into your dream time.  This meditation will be help you shift into sleep state as you ask to be taken into the Hall of Records during your dreams. 


You will be introduced to Jasper. He will be your guide into the Hall of Records. Jasper has been known to me as the keeper of the records. Jasper has been my guide and is a very ancient soul. 

You will be asked to keep a journey about the information you receive during the class. 

During this class you will also learn how to use the window of opportunity. Anna teaches that a window of opportunity is an energetic opening and/or closing.

I’ve used the window of opportunity for years to see what kind of energy my students and clients are in or entering into as they reach crossroads in their lives. The window of opportunity when open offers huge amounts of incoming energy to help us move into an experience. When the window is closing or closed this is an indicator that an experience is coming to an end.

Learning how to read the window of opportunity can help guide you on your journey.  It’s clear information from spirit.

Cost for the ten-week class is $400.00. This includes a private guided session with me into the hall of Records. Session will take about two hours. These sessions will take place during the ten weeks and will be scheduled in the order people sign up for the class.

Class begins on September 10th at 8:00 PM EST. This will be a tele class. All classes are recorded and sent to you after the class.



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