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Message From Katye Anna 


Our Mago retreats began with a dream.  I woke up in 2016 with the clear message to take the students to Mago in Sedona AZ.  I had never heard of Mago but I googled it.  As I scanned the Mago website I knew it was a special place.  A magical place. 


We held our first retreat in April of 2017.  We continued to hold a yearly retreat until 2020 when covid hit. 

Our 2021 retreat was bittersweet for me.  I knew this would be the last retreat my heart partner Steven would attend. He did make it to the retreat.  He birthed into spirit in September of 2021. 


We did not hold a retreat in 2022. I knew I did not have the energy to hold space for others. 


Truthfully, I thought I would not be holding any more retreats, especially across the country. 


In October of 2022 I woke up with the directive again – Take the students to Mago.  I sent a letter requesting dates for April 2023.  I did not hear back and trusted there was a reason.  On December 14th I was contacted by Mago that they had an opening for April 12th -17th.  I took this as the sign. 


Mago began with a dream.  My dream could not come true without the people who attend the retreats.


I have witness amazing shifts in those who gather in the circle of love.  The energy of Mago is magical and transformative.  I invite you to join me at Mago. Together lets dream in the dreams of our souls. 


Blessings, Katye Anna

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