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Katye Anna shares her vision about how physical death can be approached in the future. 


Dear One, It is your time to cycle off earth.   Your journey on earth is ending.  Your next destination is the afterlife.  We realize this news brings up many emotions and we are here to help you process them.  

Rest assured you will receive comfort care as your physical body shuts down.  We understand currently in the era you live the focus has been placed on the disease process and there is much fear surrounding death.   

We are here to reassure you that while your physical body will die and life on earth will end you will continue experiencing consciousness in the afterlife.   

During this process you will begin to turn your energy and attention to where you are going.  You will receive visits and dreams of loved ones who have already birthed into spirit.  These dreams and visits will help you let go of life on earth. 


During your dreams you will have glimpses of where you are going.   We encourage you to share your visions and dreams with your family and friends. Hopefully, what you share will give them comfort as they say their goodbyes to you.  

They will follow you someday but for now their journey is on earth. 

As we have said many emotions will surface during this time.  We realize it is difficult to say goodbye to life on earth. We remind you this was always meant to be a short stay.  While you knew on some level this journey on earth was always temporary like many you have forgotten this truth.  

We know you are concerned about your loved ones who will remain on earth.  You will be able to watch over them. If they are open to it, they will even know you are close by.  They have more to learn on earth. Perhaps your physically death will be used to teach them about how soul love never ends. 

Again, we congratulate you completing life on earth.  We will do our best to help you gently move into the afterlife.  Follow the light and it will lead you to the next grand adventure of your soul. 


Love, your Soul


Wow – and there it is my vision for a consciousness shift about death and dying.


     My Birthing into spirit doulas are trained to support the process of those who are leaving the physical life and returning to spirit. They are trained to help the person move into the light as they let go of the physical world. My dream is all families will one day have this information.  Thus, they will no longer sit by their loved one's bedside feeling helpless, but they will have tools to help them birth into spirit.  

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