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The teachings of Anna first came through Katye's voice in 2013. Anna is a group of 976 souls who no longer experience consciousness on Earth, thus the name Katye Anna. Anna teaches from the higher planes of consciousness. They seek to bring forth teachings that will help personalities take responsibility for the energy they bring to their experiences and the Earth. 


The insight from Anna is endless.


The teachings and guidance they offer are meant to help shift people's awareness about being incarnated souls and how our experiences, on Earth, are just a small part of the journey of the soul. 

Anna is a group of souls who Katye shares a steady stream of consciousness.
As I previously stated new earth consciousness will embrace communication with non-physical teachers. I have been blessed and honored to have this connection with Anna. Anna is actually a group of 976+ souls who are no longer returning to the earth planes of consciousness. They feel that they can be of more service by converging together in another plane of consciousness and sharing the knowledge as a collective group of souls. To say that my life was changed when I started being the voice for Anna would be an understatement. That said this group of souls has been influencing my life since I was a child. We talk of guardian angels imagine being watched over by 976+ Souls. They waited patiently until I was ready to fulfill my soul contract which was to be the voice for Anna.
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