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Excerpts from Soul Mappings:

Excerpt One: I began your soul mapping by looking at the current state of your energy field. I was drawn to an area around your third chakra. This area of gray is an indication that you have major issues of power. If not healed this could lead to physical issues with your stomach, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and digestive system. You also have a lack of flow throughout your other chakras. You heart chakra is pulled in and I can see that much healing is needed.

When I looked into your heart chakra I could see that this has been a life where you have experienced betrayal especially with interpersonal relationships. I could see that you have a strong prostitute energy as well as beggar energy. The beggar comes out strong in your relationship with your husband, as does the prostitute. Both the beggar and the prostitute energies are here to teach you about self and empowerment, faith and self-love.

The prostitute is the guardian of faith and self love.

The shadow energy of the prostitute takes us away from trusting the Divine and believing that money, things, places and people will make us happy.

When I asked your soul to see into your pre-life plan I could see that the soul who is your current husband and your soul have traveled together in many lifetimes. In this life time your soul contract is about empowerment, YOURS! I could also see that there is a vow in place which needs to be rescinded.

There are showing me several past lives in which the energy is affecting your choices in regards to your relationship with your husband as well as embracing the gifts of your Soul…………………….

Excerpt Two:  They are showing me a lifetime where you were hung for crimes against the Russian government during the Russian revolution year was 1927.  You spoke out trying to get the people to join the cause for human rights against the current government. They are showing me this time life because today when you go to speak out against someone or a cause your throat chakra is affected.

Having a strong sage essence you desire to change not only situations but shifts in consciousness. This is why they showed me the lifetime in Russia as an activist. Since that lifetime didn't turn out to well, meaning you were hung for speaking out you imprinted issues about speaking out as well as issues within your power chakra.  The throat chakra issues continue in 2018.


Excerpt Three: On a soul level “Peggy” you are a mature soul. Mature Souls often create lives that are dramatic, emotional, and soap-opera-like. Your family situation is great for this. Your children and “Pete” create the perfect dramas and situations which will help you grown. We have often talked about you having a strong slave pattern. More than the slave pattern which is very active in your life I believe your Soul Essence/Role is a server.  According to the Michael teachers this is the role you have adapted to in every incarnation. As a young Soul 100’s of years ago your Soul may have created lives where it was a Slave but have no doubt your Soul’s core essence is about love and a sincere desire to help others heal and transform.  As a mature Soul you yearn for intimate relationships and are empathetic, and self-aware. This is one reason you struggle with your relationships. Because you have a server role there will always be the tendency of those around you to take advantage of your beautiful heart and sincere desire to help others.


Excerpt Four: They show many lives as a mystic studying and exploring the teachings of many masters. They show you were a spiritual alchemist. In many of these lives you became lost in being a mystic. Your soul calls you to remember the gifts of past lives and to bring forth your gifts. They show you are being pulled in many directions and your heart wants to return to the mystic life where you had time to explore the higher dimensions. In 2018 you are called to learn balance.

The energy of eagle comes to guide you at this time in your life. Begin to pay attention when the eagle makes itself known to you. 


Excerpt Five: They are showing me lifetimes which are still activated in your Soul records. Meaning they can still influence your health and life in this lifetime. Leprosy, the skin issues you are currently living with is a Soul health Issue and must be treated from this level. Its root is from having leprosy and being shunned by people. They show another life time where you experienced scarring burns over your body from being in a fire where most of your family was burnt to death. You lived but lived your life hiding your scars.

Key Life lesson to heal right now in 2018:  Shame


Excerpt Five: Soul Reading Current age 12 : Your oldest son, “James” has indigo child energy. Indigo children have incredible specific attributes. Underneath his armor he has great self-worth. He has difficulty with authority, and if this isn’t understood and shifted this could create a difficult journey for James.  His stubborn side is because intuitively he knows there is a better way of doing things. James can get very frustrated with rigid systems with no creativity. He feels alone, different, and as he grows older could seem to be anti-social. Indigo children don’t care what others think of them.  


He is very creative and inventive. As he matures he will be struggling to find his “place” in the world. I would watch out for addictive patterns. They show a lifetime where he and “john” were warriors and on opposite sides of the battle. James’s angel is Arch Angel Michael. Michael also is one of the family’s angels.  At this age James needs more re-assurance than his younger brother that he “belongs.”   James’s works best with choices and information.

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You will receive a picture like this one with your soul mapping 

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