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5 Week Tele-Class


You are an infinite being of love. 

Becoming a Conscious Creator is not something you’re taught. You’re taught to be a Reactive Creator. You were BORN to be a Conscious Creator.

We have moved into a time of great integration and realignment. It is a time of remembering that we are beings of Love. As a collective consciousness, we are realigning with the pathway of Love. One by one…we are awakening. We are each required to step up and fully awaken to the innate power of Love that is within us. This requires a shift of how we create as well as what we create.


Conscious Creation

The Creed of a Conscious Creator: I am a Conscious Creator. I live from my heart and I am guided by my soul. I create in Love and I seek to create experiences where the common good of all is at the forefront of what I create. I am motivated to create change in the world through Love that will impact the masses, understanding that we can only succeed together. As a conscious creator, I am inspired to take action from a place of Love and I use right speech to motivate, encourage, support, uplift and inspire others to do the same.


  • How you have been programed to be Reactive Creator

  • Learn what your triggers are that send you into reactive mode

  • How to identify when your body/mind is in reactive energy and how to catch and release your body/mind into a place of safety

  • How to stay connected and grounded even during times of great shifts and stress

  • How to be aligned with and guided by your soul

  • You will learn about the Law of Harmony

  • Learn how to be moved into action ONLY by LOVE and much more…

Class Meets Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST beginning: April 4, 2018

Includes a 30 minutes consultation with Katye Anna

Cost: $155.00  

No refunds after first class. 

* SPECIAL OFFER UNTIL April 1st 99.99*


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