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Our Program teaches students how to live from the heart.  This is a program for serious students who are committed to developing the skill of Intuition, and to living a Soul-directed life. As we continue to move through these times of great shifts it’s more important than ever that we know how to listen and follow the guidance of soul and the world of spirit. 


During your intuitive training you will:  

  •      Learn the Language Of Intuition.

  •      See with the "Eye of Your Soul."

  •   Learn how to Journey into the Hall of records to read the story of your soul. Learn about patterns from past lives that are influencing your life today.

  •       Learn how to work with angels to transform your life and the life of others.

  •      Learn how to be a conscious creator.

  •     Learn how to communicate with the world of spirit.

  •     Learn the variety of amazing ways your intuition    communicates with you every day.

  •     Learn to transcend time, space and any person, place or thing…any time...anywhere. 

  •     Learn to use the language of archetypes to understand your own journey and help your clients understand life patterns, lessons and gifts.

Katye Anna offers more than just techniques and subjects. She offers guidance and support for her students. Katye Anna also offers a pathway where each student has the opportunity to transform his or her own life as they learn.  


Katye Anna believes that, before anyone can hold sacred space for someone else to heal, they must do their own inner work. This requires commitment, time and dedication to knowing oneself. In all classes and events, you will be supported in opening, strengthening, and purifying your energy system so that your human energy field can hold the higher frequency vibrations.

You will learn how to read chakras and the human energy field. 

You will learn how to work with the universe to create and live a life of joy, peace and  love. 


We will be working with the language of archetypes and how these archetypes influence our lives.  Becoming aware of your archetypes and their challenges helps you understand the energy that is behind many of your life choices. Archetypal awareness enables you to view your life symbolically, knowing that everything that has happened is something we could learn from - everyone in our lives becomes a teacher.

Archetypes are visual symbols or energetic imprints that exist in our psyches. They are dynamic, living forms of energy that come through us and shape who we are and what roles we will play out in our lives.

What is my commitment?  During this 5 month program our focus is working with chakras, Archetypes, the world of spirit and developing one’s innate skills of intuition. We believe that working with chakras and archetypes and understanding how this energy affects our lives is an amazing tool of transformation.  

Supervised practice during the last 2 months of each class, students will have the opportunity to give intuitive readings on each other, and on volunteer’s unknown to them. As part of the program students are expected to practice techniques outside of class as much as possible, and to share their experiences with the group. The first class will meet on January 27th 2019 in Gettysburg PA.  

Class hours are as follows:  12:00PM to 6:00PM

Dates are as follows : 2/17/19, 3/24/19, 5/19/19, 6/23/19, 7/21/19 . This class also includes 12 tele classes throughout the six months on Sunday Evenings at 8:00 PM. There will be a three hour zoom class for those  who have missed a class or simply want to go through the information again.  This class will be announced. 

What is the cost?  The cost for the 6 months of program is $900.00.  Payment Options: $700.00 onetime payment or $300.00 deposit is due when signing up for the Intuitive program and balance is payable $100.00 per class meeting beginning with first class.  To set up payment plan contact

Location:  Etheric Connections 33 Buford Ave, Gettysburg PA. 17325

Email: for more information. 

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One Time Payment of $700.00

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