The Art of Listening To Angels


Angels want us to know they are available and accessible.  So how do we really hear what they want to say to us, and how do we know it to be true?


Lilia’s angel team gave her a five-step process (the AOLTA process:  the Art Of Listening To Angels) to help her and others connect more fully and dependably with their personal angel team.  This process describes the steps that help us break through barriers and learn how to trust the messages we receive from our team.


In this workshop, Lilia will describe the five step AOLTA process and will guide participants through experiential exercises to build confidence in trusting messages from the angelic realm. 


Participants will strengthen their abilities to connect to their angel team so that they can access them more easily and reliably.

Bio: After thirty years as a state legislative lawyer, Lilia Shoshanna Rae decided she could no longer postpone her passion as a messenger for the angelic realm to help create heaven on earth. In 2016, Lilia published her book, The Art of Listening to Angels.  She now helps lightworkers and spiritual healers access angel wisdom and love through the five-step process they gave her, so they know they are not alone and can access ongoing support from the spiritual realm.

Whether it is during an individual session or a class, Lilia helps her clients feel safe enough to see for themselves their true gifts and talents and identify how best to share them with the world.  If fears arise, as they often do when we explore new territory with our gifts, Lilia helps them move forward so that they can shine their light without the filter of their fears. 

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
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The Art of Listening to Angels