Since I began working with Katye Anna I have experienced quantum leaps in the most important areas of my life, my relationship with my wife and children, my business and my connection to the Divine. I thought life was great before, now it is down right magical! Katye Anna’s spiritual guidance is absolutely priceless. My life would not be the same without her in it.”


Mark Porteous, Author of Maximizing Your Human Experience and cofounder of the Inspired Messenger’s Network

“Katye Anna’s teachings have absolutely changed the way I see and experience life. There are certainly other spiritual teachers doing good work, but Katye is so unique and has this tremendous ability to easily guide people in a way that  immediately touch one’s soul and transforms our life perspective.  I am forever grateful to Katye for the impact she has had – not only on my life – but on all of the lives I am able to positively influence  as a more awakened and conscious human being.”

Toti Cadavid

Leadership Development & Transformation Strategist

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach |


Katye Anna has been a powerful catalyst, guide and teacher for me, and my family, for years. Little did I know when I first met her in 2011 that this divinely timed meeting of our souls would transform my life in profound ways. Katye Anna has helped me more deeply connect with my soul’s purpose and is a constant source of spiritual support both during the times of great challenges and of great joy.  If you have the opportunity to work with her privately, in a class or retreat, I highly recommend you do so!  Her teachings are truly life-changing.


Christine Kloser  “ The Transformational Catalyst” Mentor, Author and CEO

What I’ve learned in the last 3 years of working with Katye Anna is that it doesn’t matter if you think you are in touch with your feelings or have mastery over your own mind. In reality, you don’t. I didn’t know this until I had the opportunity to work directly with her. Through our work together, Katye Anna helped me step off the platform of fear and onto the path of my life in ways that no other spiritual teacher, mentor, coach, or therapist had ever done before. I can honestly say now, that as the CEO of a successful company, I am living my dreams and my soul’s purpose. I have learned how to truly be a Conscious Creator thanks to Katye Anna and her loving guidance, support, and wisdom. Thank you Katye Anna – for I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your willingness to challenge me to rise to Who I Am meant to BE.

Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, CVST, LCSW
CEO and Founder - True Visionaries, Inc., Author, Speaker, Licensed Psychotherapist



So thankful for this wonderful guide for my journey!

Christine Silver 

I first became acquainted with Katye Anna when I read her book “Birthing Into Spirit” after both my parents crossed over and my 20-year old son was killed in a car accident, all within the same year. This book helped me to understand the process they went through and gave me comfort to know they did not suffer and were not alone when they birthed into spirit. I learned to view my son’s death as a new beginning and continuation of his life’s journey as a soul, which helped to ease my heartache and grief.   I also read Katye Anna’s book “Conscious Construction of the Soul” which helped me to understand that we are spiritual beings learning through our life experiences while here on earth.


I was thrilled to be able to participate in Katye Anna’s course on “Soulful Living,” which taught me how to bring more joy and happiness into my life by following the direction of my soul.  When I started the class, I was motivated by my desire to connect with my son on the other side. My ability to communicate with him on a spiritual level has improved as I learned about increasing my vibration and letting go of negative limiting beliefs. My life is changing in many ways and Katye has helped me move forward on my journey in a positive direction.  I’ve also learned how to be a better parent for my younger son. I feel so blessed that my son on the other side is still involved with my life and with Katye Anna’s guidance; he has helped me learn so much.  I am so grateful to be able to continue my relationship with him in spirit. Currently, I’m working with “Mind Mastery” concepts and look forward to continuing my growth with the help of my teacher and soul trainer, Katye Anna.


My work with Katye Anna has been nothing short of life-changing.  I know that might sound like hyperbole, but let me explain.  I began working with Katye Anna when two significant areas of my life were in great tumult — my career and my marriage.  I hated the “successful” business I had created, and my husband and I were weary and burnt out and, quite frankly, taking our stress out on each other.  Katye Anna helped me clarify the deeper issues that were going on underneath these life circumstances, and helped me heal and release the patterns and beliefs that no longer served me.  Wow. She helped me take full responsibility for where I was at, which also meant I could be the solution.  Through her amazing counsel, I drummed up the courage and conviction to start a completely new business based on my heart and soul.  As you can imagine, this has changed everything.  

Thank you Katye Anna.


Barb Wade