Relieving the Physical Effects of Loss & Shifting into New Life Patterns

When we experience a loss that disrupts or threatens the stability of our current life, our bodies revert to a series of ancient reactions we commonly call Fight-or-Flight. These reactions can take an extreme physical toll on our health, and in turn, our emotional well-being.


In this class we will discuss:


  • What happens to our body and brain when we experience traumatic loss

  • How to help relieve the physical symptoms created by these reactions

  • The brain’s neural pathways and the loops that continually send us back into Fight-or-Flight

  • How to flip these negative neural pathways into new, positive pathways


and you will experience:


  • The ability to identify your levels of fear through movement

  • Opening up hidden feelings through musical vibrations and inner focus

  • What your feelings tell you about your body

  • Breathing and affirmation techniques for stress

  • Awareness and healing through visualization

  • Your ability to rewire your brain


Terry Shirley-Quirk

Terry Shirley-Quirk is a musician and coach who specializes in relieving the physical symptoms of grief or traumatic loss. Using a combination of musical vibrations, gentle exercise, breathing techniques, journaling, visualizations, and methods to reroute pathways in the brain, Terry strives to reduce the trauma that physical stress creates in our body, helping to avoid illnesses associated with acute stress response, as well as aiding a reentry into life after grief or loss.


Terry holds degrees and certificates from the United States as well as the United Kingdom, including a bachelor in music from the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, a masters in music from the University of South Carolina, and a Foundation Certificate in Counseling from Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counseling in the U.K. She is a certified Reiki master and a certified End of Life Specialist volunteer at Hospice of the Chesapeake in Maryland. Her many awards and honors include a prestigious Fulbright Lectureship and Artist in Residencies in the states of West Virginia and South Carolina.