Light Weaving 


During this workshop, with Judy and Jennifer, you will be introduced to Ascended Master Sethius, the Ascended Master of Light Weaving and the healer of healers. You will learn of his human journey to ascension and hear how he continues to teach from the astral plane.


Upon completion of this workshop you will have connected with your light weaving angel through meditation, learned to light weave for your own healing, the healing of others, the healing of Mother Earth, healing of the collective conscious as well as the Universe. You will also have the opportunity to receive intuitive messages which are encoded in the light language being shared by the angelic realm.

Jennifer Bucko Clark
and Judy Forder

Judy's Bio


My name is Judy Forder and I am an Energy Practitioner who uses a variety of modalities to bring forth the greatest good for each of my clients. With a foundation in Reiki, I use my hands as tools to clear the body of blockages brought on by stress and various other environmental and emotional factors which, in turn, cause the body pain and illness, The body can not heal when it is in a state of stress and imbalance so it is my intention to reduce stress and return the body back to it's natural state of balance and flow. This promotes healing of the mind, body and spirit.


With a BS degree in Physical Education, I have a solid foundation in the science of the body. Having taught for 24 years, I have worked with thousands of children and adults providing me a vast variety of experiences from which to draw knowledge, though none serves me better than my own.


I am a member of Katye Anna Clark’s retreat team and am a featured healer on the Facebook page Resilient Readers & Healers. I also do a bi-weekly live show on that page as well called Journeys with Judy. My latest endeavor has me working with Jenny Bucko using our combined gifts to clear lower vibrational energies from homes, apartments, office buildings, vacation rentals, classrooms, etc. We call our business Sacred Spaces. It is an honor to help my clients improve their lives in any way possible.

Judy Forder

Jenny’s Bio


My spiritual journey began with some pushes from my soul, much like I’m sure happens to most people on this path. I lost my mother in 1990 when I was 23 and was still deeply grieving 10 + years later. I was unhappy, lonely and drifting through my life with no particular direction. My father, Allan Sethius Clark, had started his spiritual awakening / soul journey immediately after my mother’s birth into spirit and by this time had started working as a spiritual teacher. In 2002 he and his wife/teaching partner, Katye Anna, invited me to come sit in their angel circles and take classes with them to do the work necessary in order for me to move past my grief, heal my wounds and grow into the gifted spiritual healer they knew I could be.


In the years since that time, I have sat in countless circles working on releasing that which no longer serves me so that I may grow towards living a soul driven life - realizing, accepting and trusting my spiritual gifts. I attended a 2 year energy practitioner program at the PA School of Spiritual Healing, I am attuned to and practice Reiki, Angelic Light weaving, and Axiatonal Alignment. In the last year, I joined a team of energy practitioners working with Katye Anna Clark providing energy work support at several retreats in Sedona, AZ. My most recent work has been creating Sacred Spaces with Judy Forder.  Through a personalized blend of prayer, burning of sacred herbs, and sound, we clear our client’s homes (or other spaces) of stagnant, low vibration energies, allowing the space to be filled with the energies of light and love.



Jennifer Clark Bucko