Journey Into Wholeness

In this workshop, Steven Fleming will lead you on a journey to the “Tree of Healing of Lost Love and Missed Opportunities”.  During this interactive workshop, you will be encouraged to see and reflect upon your own life journey as you pass through the Seven Gates leading to the Summit.  You will draw upon ancient truths and wisdom.


Your journey will lead you through:

*The Pool of Memories

*The Place of Anger

*The Waterfall of Understanding

*The Maze of Acceptance

*The Garden of Forgiveness

*The Grand Courtyard of the Tree of Healing

*The Way to New Possibilities


You will leave this workshop with a sense of your new life’s possibilities as you leave behind the old and embrace the potential within you.

About the Steven Fleming 


Steven Fleming has a lifetime of experience teaching, counseling, and helping people along their life journeys  A retired Presbyterian minister, and long-term cancer survivor (acute myeloid leukemia 1983-1985), his personal and his pastoral experience gives him a unique perspective on life’s spiritual journey.  A gifted public speaker, writer, and seminar leader, Steven has led hundreds of workshops across the USA. He published articles in various national and regional publications. Steven is presently pursuing his dream to provide life coaching and mentoring both via the internet, e-learning seminars and workshops, as well as live events.

Steven Fleming